2015 IBJJF World Championship Underway in Long Beach

Roger Gracie defends against Buchecha at Metamoris 2013
(Image courtesy Metamoris)

You are watching the IBJJF World Championship this weekend online right? That’s what IBJJFTV.com is for! We are always open to hearing opposing views, but many would argue strongly that the “Mundials” are Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s biggest event of the year.

Today we share some notes on the 2015 BJJ World Championship from the intrepid chronicler of jiu-jitsu history, J-Sho!

  • Wellington “Megaton” Diaz will be competing in his twentieth world championship! Wellington is Mackenzie Dern’s father, husband to Luciana Diaz, and all around inspiration to all! Megaton would’ve probably competed in more but there have only been twenty!
  • Until just a few short moments ago, Buchecha (pictured above in the blue gi) was the favorite to win his division as well as the absolute black belt men’s division. However as GracieMag just reported, Buchecha was eliminated by Richardo Evangelista by advantages! If Buchecha had gone on to win double gold medals, he would have surpassed the achievement of Roger Gracie! At the moment however, it looks like his left knee may be injured, impacting his chances for the rest of this year’s event.
  • Can you name the four men who have won a gold medal at black belt five times? Here goes: Marcelo Garcia, Robson Moura, Rodolfo Vieira, and Saulo Ribeiro!

Many thanks to J-Sho for the BJJ trivia! If you are competing this weekend in the Pyramid, best of luck! Let us know what your experience was like!

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