BJJ Poll: How Much of Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Decorum is in Your BJJ Academy?

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FightWorks Podcast listener Liam Wandi wrote us earlier this week:

I hope this email find you well. I was thinking this morning about the extent to which the mighty 600,000 in BJJ academies around the world stick to the Japanese decorum surrounding martial arts and thought it would make an interesting question for a poll:

At your BJJ academy, do you regularly:

(i) Bow before and/or after a class
(ii) Use the term Oss for acknowledgement and/or greeting
(iii) Both of the above
(iv) Neither of the above

I hope you like it as I’m very curious about these things.

Great question Liam! Thank you for sending it our way.

What do you think Family? What’s it like at your academy? Is there a lot of ye olde martial arts influence going on, or is it straight up, informal and Western in there? (If you get a chance, check out Liam’s blog the Part Time Grappler – it’s full of United Kingdom goodness.)

3 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Much of Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Decorum is in Your BJJ Academy?”

  1. Hey Liam, good idea for the poll. My experience in Brazil has been that all academies bow before and after class, but not so much before sparring with a partner. Similar experience in the US…

  2. Cool. Thanks Aaron. My friend and coach Martyn noticed in Thailand (Carlson Gracie lineage) that they line up then shake everybody’s hands. Always cool to find out about the masses of jiujitsu practicioners around the world 🙂

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