#256 Keenan Cornelius, Michael Liera, and Brian Morizi

BJJ athlete Keenan Cornelius
Keenan Cornelius (blue gi) of Team Lloyd Irvin

It is probably true that the majority of purple and brown belt athletes out there have priorities in life that come before their Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Woe to those poor recreational, non-black belt jiu-jitsu competitors who happen upon one of our interviewees in today’s show.

Today we begin our featured interviews with Keenan Cornelius (Team Lloyd Irvin), followed by a conversation with Michael Liera Jr. and Brian Morizi who both compete under the Atos Jiu-Jitsu flag. Keenan and Michael are purple belts and Brian was promoted to brown belt last week (congrats!).

Over the course of the past 12 months each name has carved a path through their divisions in industrial-strength jiu-jitsu competitions like the Europeans, the Pans, and World Pro Jiu-Jitsu. Double golds are not uncommon.

Points to ponder after listening to this show:

  • Are you excited to train harder for competition or do you now want to throw in the towel?
  • What in the world is going to happen when these guys reach black belt?!?

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BJJ athletes Michael Liera and Brian Morizi
Atos Jiu-Jitsu’s Michael Liera and Brian Morizi

6 Replies to “#256 Keenan Cornelius, Michael Liera, and Brian Morizi”

  1. purple=being like a highschool football star.
    brown=being a top college star, possibly going pro.
    black belt world champ is like being a nfl star. so i think we are seeing bjj align itself more with how sports are now. in any huge, national sport they are looking at young kids to see who is the next big thing. so it is only natural for bjj to do the same thing now.

    you are right, 5 years ago no one cared at all who was purple belt world champ. but that’s not the case now.

    and brian and mike are at the gym about 10 hours a day, mon-thurs. at a minimum. a ‘hobbiest’ has zero chance in the adult division to win.

  2. hey matt! it’s rodolfo from honduras…
    both mike and brian are beasts and easy-going, driven athletes, i was able to see them train, they really inspire other white (like myself) and blue belts to really study the art.

    valeu osss

  3. Really excited to see them at black belt. I hope the art continues to progress and isn’t a butt-flopping competition.

  4. It’s crazy how I used to listen to this podcast all the time. Then I come back to it after taking a awhile and people I’ve met and trained with are now being interviewed. I trained with Brian occasionally at Oceanside Jiu Jitsu. He was a very helpful training partner and a purple belt when I last saw him. I’m glad his jiu jitsu career is going places. I’ve been following Micheal Liera’s matches since he was a 4 stripe blue belt. He was a blue belt for a real long time. His YouTube videos are inspiring for competitive blue belts like myself.

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