ADCC 2011 Schedule

abu dhabi combat club 2011

Here’s a quick update folks on the timeline of events this weekend at the 2011 ADCC being held in Nottingham, England.

FRIDAY (today)

3pm: the competitors weigh in. I will be on site at the arena with Budo Videos conducting interviews with the athletes, who I expect to be pretty grumpy as weigh ins can be stressful if your weight is near the maximum allowed weight for your division! The content we put together then will not be broadcast live, but may make it onto Youtube or Facebook.

6pm: Open Mat courtesy of Gracie Barra Midlands, up the road in Mansfield. We want to attend and will try to figure out logistics so we can be there.


12pm: Broadcast of the 2011 ADCC begins on If you have any questions about when it starts in your time zone, how much it is, Budo posted a FAQ about the broadcast. I’ll be commentating with Shawn Williams!


9am-10am: Breakfast and Coffee with the Family! If you are here in Nottingham, please stop by the Holiday Inn Express (map) and talk ADCC with us! We have been doing these get-togethers at the IBJJF BJJ World Championships and at the IBJJF’s Pans for a few years now and it’s really fun to geek out with you guys, so please stop by. The guys at the front desk said it costs 5.95 pounds, and I can’t vouch for the food or the service, but the company will be great! Really hope you can make it!

12 pm: Broadcast resumes on for the final day of action.

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