#246 Gearing Up for ADCC with Kid Peligro

abu dhabi combat club 2011

The 2011 Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Grappling World Championship is on the way! The bi-annual no gi championship, promoted by Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan is going to be held in Nottingham, England on September 24th & 25th. This has always been one of the most important competitions in the world of grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Many would not hesitate before saying ADCC is the premier stage for no-gi submission grappling on the planet as the prize money is like no other ($40,000 for winning one’s weight division and the absolute!) and the winners solidify their place in the history of grappling greats.

To help set the stage, we sat down with Royler Gracie black belt Kid Peligro. Kid’s got a long list of accomplishments in contributing to great jiu-jitsu content for enthusiasts like you and me. However he has been associated with the ADCC event in one form or another since its inception in 1999 and has been a consistent contributor to ADCC news portal adcombat.com for years. We will review how ADCC started and Kid shares some of his most vivid memories of ADCC clashes.

(I will be part of the broadcast team of the event with Budo Videos in September as we stream the event from the UK. I know, this isn’t breaking news but you know how I feel about transparency with the Family!)

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p.s. this is the little distraction I mention in the introduction to this week’s show!

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