Announcing the Winner of the 2010 Tournament Review Tuesday Contest!

Shoyoroll Mamba
Contest prize from Shoroyoll!

There is no typo in the title of this post. This is really more than six months overdue! Literally! And I am not proud of that!

But here we are, so on to business.

Our Tournament Review Tuesday column is where members of the FightWorks Podcast family (that’s you) contribute a review… of tournaments… that are posted on Tuesdays.

Last year we said that one contributor of such a review would be chosen at random and would win a gi. We are here today to deliver on that promise, with assistance from the great guys at Shoyoroll! As you heard at the 2011 BJJ World Championships during the broadcast, the gis from Shoyoroll are in high demand and are made in limited quantities, so I am very grateful that the gang from Shoyoroll would offer one for us to give a way in a contest.

We had fifteen posts in 2010 that were Tournament Review Tuesday posts (this contest doesn’t include Tournament Results Tuesday, mind you). I grabbed my list of qualifying events in which were in a random order, headed over to and asked it to present one number between one and fifteen to decide which of the posts would decide who gets the Shoyoroll gi and found that the winning post is:

Tournament Review Tuesday: Manchester Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament by Jon Broster!

Jon will receive one White Mamba gi courtesy of Shoyoroll! Jon, congratulations! I will be reaching out to you to follow up on how to receive your new Shoyoroll gi.

And many thanks again to Shoyoroll for sponsoring the giveaway!

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