BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Choked Someone Unconscious While Training BJJ?

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Last week we ran the poll, Have You Ever Been Choked Unconscious While Training BJJ?. As Phil, a respondent to that poll, remarked, it’s a natural question to also ask if you’ve ever been the person doing the choking when someone goes lights out! Let us know by answering our new poll this week and we can compare the responses of the “choked” to “chokers”.

If you have ever choked someone unconscious using a jiu-jitsu technique while rolling, let us know what it was like! Did your opponent wake up and not know where they were? Did they do anything unusual?

As always, we must remind folks to be responsible training partners (not that you needed reminding, of course), and the same way we tap as soon as we’re caught, we must always stop choking our friends so we don’t cause any permanent damage by depriving their brain of oxygen for too long!

5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Have You Ever Choked Someone Unconscious While Training BJJ?”

  1. well almost, doing a lapel / collar choke at a training partner in the turtle position, the mat was busy and the sound of him tapping out seemed far away, it wasn’t till I heard it again only much weaker that I knew he was tapping out.

  2. One time i caught a guy in a darce in competition and the ref couldn’t see his face or arms. I didn’t think I had it in very tight because he was a big guy and my arms weren’t locked all the way. My coach was on the side and yelled at the ref to check him and he was out. I had only done that one time in training, but this was quite a bit scarier. He took a minute to wake up – of course it was probably only a couple seconds, but it seemed like forever.

  3. Luckily, I have avoided both. But I was once thrown onto my face during a hip toss drill and knocked unconscious. I remember waking up thinking, “Where in the hell am I?” and “Why is the room going up and down like a see-saw?”

    When I turned over, six dudes were looking down at me. That’s when I realized what happened. No one was laughing because they said they saw me get thrown on my face.

  4. I caught someone in a Baseball Bat Choke when he was in my guard and dropped my leg so he would leap over it, he ended up in side body but i hadn’t let go of the choke and I put him out in the first minute of the match, his breathing never changed it just sounded like he was really struggling, when I let him go he just rolled back unconscious and that was the first time I ever caught someone, and in competition.

  5. This guy came in to the gym during kids summer camp and started telling my coach how bad ass he was. My coach Paul Thomas was really lighthearted about the whole situation and decided to match him up with one of the kids who was 5yrs younger and about 60 lbs lighter. The young kid ended up taking his back and after plenty of time to tap, he refused, and got choked out. It was really amazing on the young kids part how he kept his composure. I was also impressed that none of the students really freaked out because everyone knew the unconscious MAN would be awake within seconds, which he was. The funny thing is how the martial arts community acted when they saw the video, which was falsely labeled. Everyone was taking up for the shit talking guy when they didnt know what really happened. When did all the kung fu guys start doing jiu jitsu? Wasnt our goal to take the bullshit out of martial arts? Sorry if I offended any kung fu guys.

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