#244 Six-Time Black Belt World Champion Leticia Ribeiro

Leticia Ribeiro 2011 World BJJ Championship
Leticia Ribeiro’s hand is raised in victory at the 2011 BJJ World Championship when she won her sixth gold medal.

You’ve heard the name Leticia Ribeiro for years. A black belt under Royler Gracie and Vinicius Aieta, this Gracie Humaita competitor has been competing since divisions for female competitors were first introduced in the BJJ World Championship in 1998 (the first BJJ World Championship took place in 1996).

No relation to brothers Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Leticia has captured more gold medals as a black belt than any woman in jiu-jitsu history. While her own accomplishments in IBJJF competition are virtually unheard of, perhaps her biggest legacy is the stable of competitors who readily call Leticia their inspiration and leader, like Penny Thomas, Bia Mesquita, and Mackenzie Dern. (And yes, she was the girl who choked out Steve-O when MTV’s Jackass visited Gracie Humaita!)

Now that the Worlds have passed, Leticia has just wrapped up her new Leticia Ribeiro X-Guard app, and is travelling for seminars, but she spared us some time to sit down and talk about her very successful career and women in jiu-jitsu. She even answered a couple of questions you guys submitted to us over on our twitter account!

Also in this week’s show, we’ll answer a voicemail we received from one of you, and of course, review the results of one of our recent BJJ polls.

For a glimpse of how Leticia conditions herself for combat at the World Championships, check out this video of Leticia and Beatriz Preparing for the 2010 BJJ World Championship!

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3 Replies to “#244 Six-Time Black Belt World Champion Leticia Ribeiro”

  1. As a Roger Gracie purple belt, I should be able to give a definitive answer, but have to admit I can’t. 😉

    When I was at the HQ, everyone called him Roger. Whenever I visited anywhere else outside of the RGA organisation, they called him Hoger. From what he has said in interviews, the answer is normally that he lives in an Anglophone country, so doesn’t mind Roger. However, if pressed, he’ll say the correct pronunciation is Hoger.

    IIRC, that very topic was discussed in a long interview Roger did with Sherdog a while back, here.

  2. I am Leticia’s friend. I ate dinner with her, rolled, and trained with her. I love her!

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