BJJ Poll: What Rules Does Your School Have About Certain Submissions?

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The idea for this week’s BJJ Poll comes to us from one of our listeners named Matt:

Hey Caleb, 
My name is Matt, I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple years now and am always looking forward to the next one. Im a blue belt and have been training for about 4 years. I’m about to head out to train now and felt like I might have a good idea for a poll, if u havnt already done it before…
Here it is: I’m curious to know what percentage of the dojos out there follow the IBJJF rules while free sparring during training sessions. Specifically I want to know if white belts are allowed to secure ankle, wrist, and knee locks on there training partners or vice versa. Also if purple and above belts are aloud to knee bar blue and below. Also if they allow their students to do the banned submissions like neck/spine cranks or heel hooks…
I think u get the idea, I know you’ll figure out a way to word it and I suspect that most big name and more structured schools follow the rules during rolling and open mat time, but I also know for a fact that there are schools out there that are run by people that don’t compete and frankly don’t KNOW the rules let alone try to follow them.
Thanks Caleb and I look forward to the results 
          Matt R (mighty 600,000)

Thank you Matt for the poll idea! I tried to capture the idea you suggested in your email.

So how about your school? What’s the situation about legality of certain subs at your BJJ academy? Can you do anything you want? Are you limited by rules that are specific to your belt color? Let us know in the poll here and feel free to share your thoughts by posting a comment!

If this topic is of interest, you may want to check out a poll we did a few years ago about lower belts and heel hooks in BJJ competitions!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What Rules Does Your School Have About Certain Submissions?”

  1. At my school(and I suspect many other schools) there are implicit rules. There’s no sign that says “don’t heel hook anyone” or “don’t knee bar white belts” or whatever, but all the upper belts know the rules and as a result all the lower belts learn them. I hope you’ll add something like that to the poll, because otherwise I don’t know that you’ll get a real good answer.

  2. Although heel hooks and slicers are technically allowed at our school. You don’t see them happen in the gi class. However, when training for NAGA, you’ll need to be on your toes.

    Basically, at our school we all have a mutual respect in treating each other as family and so you don’t see abuse of knowledge ( i.e. brown belt owning a white belt).

  3. My school is similar to Dokomoy’s, except that white belts may occasionally be kneebarred if their partner knows that they have some idea of the escape, and there’s no real pressure or extension to it. Coloured belts who know and trust each other may occasionally go for heel hooks and figure 4 toe holds, again, with no pressure or extension.

  4. I am a pretty new white belt, and so far it seems that there are no real RULES at my gym as to what you can do, and I have most certainly been taught heel hooks in no gi class. But they do always make sure that you know if you are learning a technique that is not allowed in comps at your level, and I have never really had any of the upper belts try to pull one on me( probably because they have no problem pulling off any sub they want on me:)

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