The Gracies Movie Needs Your Help

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A photo of the Gracies circa 1962 from the family archive, donated by Angela Gracie to the film.

In 2009, The FightWorks Podcast interviewed Victor Cesar Bota, the director of The Gracies and the Birth of Vale Tudo. His film is described as “a feature documentary spanning and profiling three generations of the largest and most dominant family of athletes in modern history”. To many of the ravenous Brazilian jiu-jitsu fans that comprise the Mighty 600,000 it’s a film described as the-most-important-movie-I’ll-ever-watch-including-the-video-of-my-firstborn’s-birth.

Jokes aside, one of the more common emails we receive at FightWorks Podcast headquarters is “When will the Gracies movie come out?” Emails like:

Hey Caleb, love the show. Wondering if you know what the deal is with the Gracies movieā€¦I can’t wait to see it!



Hi Caleb

Have you guys heard any news regarding the gracies movie? It has been quite a while since any info has been updated. The official site still boasts a 2010 release date…

Thank for an awesome show!


Well Family, we finally have what appears to be the authoritative answer to your question straight from Victor Cesar Bota himself:

Dear friends,

It’s been now over 8 years we’re working on The Gracies project…
8 years of huge researches, passionnating discoverings, exciting meetings, tiring hours… and it’s now time to finish it !

We need a bunch of money to pay the last things – outputs and sound works- and so we created an account on a crowdsourcing site to ask a participation to people who wanna help.

It’s very simple : click on the link, give what you can.
It takes 4 minutes and if everybody plays the game, it can be the major key for this great project.

Even if we know times are hard, we really do think that solidarity still exists… Show us !
We have a deadline : the project will be funded only if we reach the goal at september 7th : $50.000.
Please, share it with the people around you : the minimum is $7, so even little by lttle, we can make it !

Thanks a lot.”

It appears that the film’s future is in your hands. There are many incentives to donate to the cause, ranging from free downloads of the film, to signed copies of the DVD, invites to the screening, and dinner with the producer. For $3,000 you can even purchase membership interests in the endeavor!

For more background on the project, you can read or listen to our interview with Bota in 2009 here. Remember, if you’re going to donate to the project, it must be by September 7th!

4 Replies to “The Gracies Movie Needs Your Help”

  1. I have heard about the movie being made and i had imagined it was being funded by the Gracie family. Do they have any input into how the movie wil be made?

  2. Really?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love bjj and credit my passion to the Gracie’s …. but, they have made millions on bjj and continue to do so… take Royler’s $50k demand to ADCC to show up at a rematch with Eddie Bravo as an example. If they only need $50k to finish the movie, then Royler can fight Eddie and donate that appearance fee….. I have a feeling that they can come up with the funds pretty easy, especially as they will make all of the profits.

    Now, if you want to talk about a syndication, along the lines of a real movie – then I’m in for all of it.

  3. I get what you are saying. But I look at it this way: The 10 $ only gets drawn if the 50.000 $ are reached, and if so I get a free download of the movie. I would have payed more for the download anyway, plus I get to be a part of the project ( I am almost producing)

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