ADCC Responds to Royler Gracie Comments

braulio estimaBraulio Estima applies an armbar on his way to another victory at the 2009 ADCC.

Yesterday evening we posted a statement we received from jiu-jitsu legend Royler Gracie, who expressed discontent over perceived unfair tactics by ADCC organizers as they negotiated Royler’s possible match with Eddie Bravo.

Early this morning we received a response from ADCC organizer Guy Neivens. (We would have posted this earlier today but we were occupied at the 2011 IBJJF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship in Long Beach!)

In response to Royler Gracie letter

Royler is a true champion of ADCC with an unbeaten three world titles to his name, a true legend.

ADCC goal since 1998 has been to promote Submission Fighting worldwide,having success now with Federations in more than fifty countries.A few months ago ADCC committee decided it would generate more interest in the sport to promote some veteran matches- Renzo Gracie and Mario Sperry is now confirmed,and the idea of a rematch between Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo seemed a natural re-match. ADCC secured sponsorship for the prize money for each fight $25000 however, it turned out Royler wanted $50000 just to appear plus the $25000 if he won, that would be $75000 for a senior grappling match!ADCC attempted to secure more sponsorship,until now with no success.Thereafter it was decided that we cannot offer more to veterans than we do to our current superfight contenders Jacarre and Braulio. It should be noted ADCC is a non-profit making organisation with the sole intent to make it a worldwide sport.However we would love to still see this fight go ahead.

Both Royler who has competed three times and thousands of other fighters who have competed in ADCC are aware there has never been any contract between ADCC and any fighter, it is a tournament attended by invitation or qualification.

ADCC will continue to promote the sport of submission fighting with the aim getting the respect and support it surely deserves.

Guy Neivens

We will continue to monitor the story as it develops, as it would be great to see Royler Gracie and Eddie Bravo have the opportunity to rematch after their 2003 fight.

4 Replies to “ADCC Responds to Royler Gracie Comments”

  1. ADCC’s response to Rolyer’s statement was very good, very Professional. Rolyer is bugging.. smoking that 10th planet kush.. asking for 50G’s to show up.. and 24G’s to! Even though I feel a rematch would not bring about the same result.. ADCC should scrap this match off. Just dead it.

  2. R.I.P. ROLLS GRACIE.. The legendary Mestre past away 29 years ago today. His influence on Jiu Jitsu is still felt to this day…

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