BJJ Poll: How Does Your Participation in BJJ Connect to MMA?

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This week at FightWorks Podcast headquarters we received the following suggestion for a BJJ Poll from Nathan in New Zealand:


I’d be interested to know how many of the Mighty 600,000 got into BJJ because of an interest in MMA. If it hasn’t been done already you could poll it like this:

Did you start BJJ because of an interest in MMA?
– Yes
– No

At my school it would probably be a pretty mixed bag. Maybe two or three guys would be completely against MMA alltogether. It would be interesting to see what it’s like across the BJJ spectrum.

(Nathan’s note has been redacted just a touch, but the idea’s pretty much the same.)

What about you? How did MMA affect your participation in Brazilian jiu-jitsu? I know my answer! Let us know by voting and leave a comment if you’d like!

7 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Does Your Participation in BJJ Connect to MMA?”

  1. I’m in between 2 and 3 as well, but in a different way. I got into it because of an interest in using it for MMA, but then fell in love with the art of BJJ and lost interest in taking part in MMA. So, I started wanting to do MMA, with very little interest in BJJ as an art.

    I still watch and follow MMA, but continue to be dissapointed with the BJJ side of the sport. Too many world class BJJ practitioners doing next to nothing on the ground. The recent Jose Aldo fight is a prime example.

    Since then, I’ve grown a huge appreciation for the ins and outs of gi based BJJ that well overrides my interest in MMA competition.

  2. I was already doing aiki-jutsu when a guy came in who was trying to learning bjj from a book… He showed us some stuff, we rolled, and I was hooked :] Stopped doing aiki soon after and have been training bjj for 9 years (not from a book, haha)…

    I chose option 1 because mma was never the reason for doing bjj. I do like to watch mma, but gi bjj is way more interesting!

  3. Started to understand because of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in MMA, wanted to understand what was happening on the ground better. I have zero interest in fighting MMA.

  4. I completely agree with Nathan. I started originally interested in MMA but fell in love with gi based BJJ and don’t really have much desire anymore to fight in MMA.

  5. I had a snobbery towards MMA as purely sport and wanted to focus on “Street effective” self defense ( I previously studied JKD concepts) but after experiencing the live rolling and sparring in MMA I realised what I felt was missing in my previous martial arts experience. I am currently studying BJJ and no-gi grappling with some MMA here and there. So I came to BJJ via MMA and realise that you miss steps in the basics when the arts are bunched together, BJJ has a lot to learn and you never stop learning, about the art and yourself.

  6. When I started BJJ years ago I was constantly rolling with tons of people. Now days, now that mma is so much more popular, I am noticing people would rather do bag work or hold pads for eachother than roll. Anyone else notice a negative effect on their training due to the increasing popularity of mma? Not that I’m hating, just noticed a shift in people’s intrest as far as training.

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