#241 BJJ Etiquette

Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Gracie Barra instructor Marcio Feitosa directs a seminar.

Most of the time, being a good Brazilian jiu-jitsu student and training partner is pretty simple. You (hopefully) should rarely feel as if there’s been some discourtesy or lack of respect shown when you are in a BJJ class.

But, we know there are always exceptions to the rules. Folks either forget some of the stated or unstated rules of the mat, or they chose to disregard them. Luckily this type of thing doesn’t last too long, as instructors and upper belts can be expected to remind folks when they’re out of line. Sometimes the “correction” is verbal, and sometimes it’s with a little lesson on the mats.

In this week’s show we will speak with Saulo Ribeiro and Fabio Santos to learn a little more about making sure that the experience in one’s school is one that everyone enjoys and that there are no distractions from the reason we’re there in the first place: jiu-jitsu!

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  1. Intriguing to get their insights into the code of conduct they prefer to see. I find that the expectations at different schools can vary widely, and if I’m ever the visiting student, that’s usually the biggest source of anxiety before getting to the gym. Great show as always! I think beginner’s will find some valuable tips here.

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