BJJ Poll: If It Were Somehow Discovered that BJJ Shortens Your Life Span, Would You Continue to Train?

Ah, Ross, our NorCal-based unofficial Pollster in Chief at the FightWorks Podcast. Ross has come up with several of our polls over the years, and this may be his most diabolical. (That is not a challenge, Ross!) Ross said this idea came to him in a dream!

It is a curious question though. We know that almost no one regrets becoming involved with BJJ. Common sense tells us we all love it. But how much do we love it? Just how valuable is it? Would you pay to train BJJ with years of your life? And if so, how many?

Just to be clear no one has found that BJJ shortens one’s life span. But what if…?

6 Replies to “BJJ Poll: If It Were Somehow Discovered that BJJ Shortens Your Life Span, Would You Continue to Train?”

  1. One of the big reasons I train BJJ is fitness. So if it turned out it was actually unhealthy, that would take away one of my big reasons. BJJ is fun, but it is not worth dying for.

  2. Since I’m currently recovering from kidney cancer surgery, I’m going through the personal process of deciding whether continuing with this sport. Is it too risky? Is it essential to my well-being? Medical opinion is mixed and, in the end, the decision rests with me.

    Will I grapple on? Anyone know of any good kidney protection devices?

  3. One of the guys I train with had kidney cancer as a child and had one kidney removed. He doesn’t have any difficulties in jiu jitsu or muay thai. Granted, he’s had ample time to heal… but if you feel truly well and healthy after your surgery I say go for it 🙂 Best wishes for a complete remission and recovery!

  4. When I’m 70.y.o I’ll need new hips and knees. When I’m 80 I’ll be pushing a frame around. My joints are worn out and I’m still training 4 or 5 times a week: I’m only 46yo.

  5. Assuming I’ll live to 90, I’d take off twenty years to be able to train Jiu-jitsu till I’m 70. I’d trade BJJ now for 20 years of shuffling and incontinence in the distant future.

  6. I love BJJ but I think I’d choose being here for my family first.

    Besides I think I have enough tools in the bag to handle myself if anything went down. I’d be able to quit. Hell, I could do that before I stepped on the mat. BJJ is for fun, but it’s not worth dying over.

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