BJJ Poll: What is the Farthest You Will Travel to Compete in a BJJ Tournament?

I was on the phone yesterday afternoon with Cohost Dan talking about this weekend’s Pan Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Irvine, California. He made the observation that when the two of us were hungry blue belts around 2003-2005 the competition scene was much smaller and while sometimes people would go out of their way to travel to the rare BJJ tourney, neither of us could really think of anyone who would travel across the country to compete in the Pan-Ams. He commented that now, however, he could think of a good number of names who make the trip from the east coast to California for events like this.

What about you? Is that how you feel about jiu-jitsu championships? Are you willing to travel coast to coast or internationally(!) to compete? Let us know by voting and add a comment!

5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What is the Farthest You Will Travel to Compete in a BJJ Tournament?”

  1. I selected 100 miles or less. Not become I’m super lazy, but because the Pan Ams are 60 miles from me, and the worlds less than that. Unless I decide to drive down to San Diego or Vegas I won’t need to travel very far(yes I know I’m pretty lucky).

  2. I’ve selected 100 miles or less because I live in a major city that is pretty much the hub of BJJ in Australia (Melbourne).

    Though I have travelled interstate for comp purposes previously, there’s always been another reason for the trip and the comp has been a happy sidenote.

  3. I live in Fla….done pan 3x worlds 2x ny open1x houston 1x. And many local tourneys. Ibjjf tournaments are so much better run! More organized. So worth the trip!

  4. Living in Southern California, the farthest I have traveled to fight is Las Vegas. However, I would love to hit some of the IBJJF tournaments around the country and even Brazil and Europe. I think using BJJ as an excuse to travel is brilliant.

  5. I just flew from Michigan to California to compete at the Pans. That’s over 2,000 miles… It was 100% worth the trip. My divisions are super small where i live (3-4 girls if i am lucky). At the Pans there were 21 girls in my division and 50+ in the absolute. Sometimes you are forced to fly to find good competition.

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