Inspiration for the Famous BJJ Gi Dryer Hanger

BJJ gi
The BJJ Gi Dryer Hanger.

Back in September I wrote about how I like to dry my Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi in hopes that someone else might find it useful. I introduced the BJJ Gi Dryer Hanger, which allows for quick drying of the gi’s armpits, which often remain wet for a long time and can get funky. It’s very high tech: take a broom rod and stick a giant hook in the center of it and you’re done.

As I was leaving our school’s open mat last night I saw my instructor Fabio Santos hanging up his gi and I figured it was time to give credit to my inspiration for the BJJ Gi Dryer Hanger. See the picture? Very similar to the BJJ Gi Dryer Hanger but no hook. Just a rod suspended between a closet and a box of BJJ DVDs!

BJJ gi
The Fabio method.

Fabio received his red and black belt in 2007 from Relson Gracie. As you might expect, his school has a lot of great old photos along the walls. Can you make out the photo behind his gi?

BJJ gi
Rickson punching some guy.

The BJJ Gi Dryer Hanger probably won’t win any prizes for engineering anytime soon, but it doesn’t mean its inspiration doesn’t deserve mention. Thanks Fabio!

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  1. This simple tip has saved me in the past couple weeks. When training 3-4 days consecutively, I could never seem to get my gi dry. Now I can wash late the night before and it’s dry by morning.

    Thanks again!

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