9 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do You Regret Becoming Involved in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?”

  1. i can only see that if i got hurt really bad at the begining or it cause some relationship drama.

    or if i was totally clueless and went to a bad place to train and never really knew it till it was too late.

  2. Honestly as I think is the case with the rest of the family, becoming involved in BJJ was the 2nd best decision I ever made (close behind my decision to marry my wife). The benefits of training jiu jitsu have resulted in me being happy, fit, and having a passion for the sport.

  3. …in a case of a very bad injury , you can reconsider your involvement in Bjj , but first and foremost the training environment and conditions weigh a lot into this too …I got my finger broken a month ago and it interfered with my work , as an Illustrator … so it got me thinking , you can’t control injuries that for sure , but you can prevent them… so I can only hope to be injury free in the future… the only thing I can say to all of you guys is to train Safe !!! take care of your self and your training partners…

  4. If BJJ didn’t exist I would be taking Judo. If Judo didn’t exist I would be training in Sambo. No Sambo, then Catch Wrestling. No catch wrestling, then I’d be picking fights (Just joking on that one, but you get my point.)

  5. The real answer to this question is, “sometimes.”

    Most of the time I love BJJ, and I feel that it’s the best thing in my life. Occasionally I wonder how different my life would be if the resources that I spend on training were spent on other things. I’d probaby make more money, have a regular girlfriend, and normal stuff, but I love BJJ. Overall I definitely do not regret it.

  6. sure it gets me in hot water with the wife from time to time, and I sure make lots of withdrawals from the “bank of marriage” for jiu jitsu, but I am in better shape, happier, and a better person because of jiu jitsu.

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