#232 BJJ Affiliation; How Do You Connect a School to an Instructor or Team?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu Andre Galvao
Andre Galvao with Tim Sledd. Photo courtesy Sledd.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt Tim Sledd runs Small Axe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu way out in Indiana, in the heartland of the United States. Sledd recently announced some pretty big news for his school: that they would be the first American affiliate school of Atos Jiu-Jitsu! For Sledd and his students, the move appears to be a comfortable fit and they will no doubt benefit from training under one of Atos BJJ’s most famous representatives, Andre Galvao.

Today on the show FightWorks Podcast contributor Chris Simamora discusses the ins and outs of how one affiliates with a pre-existing BJJ association with Sledd. There are many big ones out there, and smaller ones as well. There is Gracie Barra, Alliance, associations run by individual Gracie brothers, Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu, Pedro Sauer BJJ… the list goes on forever. Each association has its own requirements, policies, expectations, and personality. So how do you decide?

Sledd discusses his experience in what can be a very sensitive process in hopes that it can assist listeners should they ever decide to align themselves and their BJJ training environment with a pre-existing association. Some advice you’ll hear in the show: for “…people who are in a situation where they’re not satisfied with their affiliation, there is hope. There are other options out there. Just make sure you plan a good exit strategy if you have to exit. Only exit if you have to.”

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3 Replies to “#232 BJJ Affiliation; How Do You Connect a School to an Instructor or Team?”

  1. no one is better than caleb!

    the idea of affiliates is interesting. buy hey, everyone has got to make money.

    i think there needs to be a change in competition in jj and that could clear up a lot of issues.

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