The Last FightWorks Podcast of 2010: Rorion Gracie

rorion gracie jiu-jitsu academy
The sign outside the Gracie Academy in Torrance, California

This has been quite a year for us, hasn’t it? Yes I guess you’re right – I guess when your criteria for “time well spent” is doing anything related to jiu-jitsu, every year is a good one here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters and for the Mighty 600,000.

As we go into our normal winter hiatus for holiday R&R, I am very happy to bring you what I consider one of our biggest interviews of the entire year. Our final guest on The FightWorks Podcast this coming Sunday will feature a long conversation with Helio Gracie’s oldest son Rorion Gracie.

If there is one important person in the world of influential jiu-jitsu personalities who we have wanted to sit down with, it’s Rorion. Rorion was responsible for creating the UFC, where his brother Royce demonstrated the effectiveness of the Gracie family’s jiu-jitsu. In some way or another this brought jiu-jitsu to you, me, and all of our similarly addicted friends.

I am very happy because this interview is one of those “must do before dying” sort of things and now I can cross it off the list. I think many of the questions you may have wanted to ask Rorion will be in our conversation. Let your friends know, and make sure you tune in this Sunday!

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