BJJ Poll: What’s Your Opinion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tattoos?

There are many ways to express your passion for something, and these days it is not uncommon for people to tattoo something they care about a lot onto their skin. There are lots of examples of BJJ folks getting their team symbol or something similar tattooed. There are a few examples on this forum.

So what do you think? Do you have an opinion on BJJ tattoos? Think you will ever get one? Do you already have one? Vote in the poll above and let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you have a BJJ tattoo photo and you want us to share it, email it to us!

13 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What’s Your Opinion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tattoos?”

  1. I have my academy’s (Serra BJJ Academy) original logo tattooed on the left side of my rib cage. Quite a few of my teammates have the logo tattooed on them somewhere as well.

  2. They are awesome, but I think also a mistake. Kind of like getting a loved ones name tattooed on yourself. What do you do if the relationship goes sour?
    I have only been part of the BJJ community for a few short years and I have already seen enough guys stuck with that ink after having switched schools to believe its not the best idea for me.

  3. Most of the time BJJ tattoos are really stupid. I think it’s especially wannabe-ish if you are a white or blue belt getting a BJJ tattoo.

    If you get the gracie triangle or your gym’s logo tattooed on you and you aren’t the owner or head instructor…it’s really lame. Everyone makes fun of those people at my academy.

  4. While I don’t have a jiu jitsu themed tatoo, I don’t see anything wrong with getting them. Even if someone is a white or blue belt, I think “each to his or her own”.

    There are lots of people in the armed service who get a military-themed tatoo even though many are only in for two to four years.

  5. I see no problem wih getting a BJJ tattoo, If you feel that strong about your training and/or your school. After starting BJJ three years ago and feeling in love with the art. I have a part of my school logo and Jiu Jitsu in Japanesse writing as tattoo. BJJ is something that I really enjoy and love whether it’s teaching or training and it something I see myself doing for many years to come. Keep Training!

  6. I think it disrespects the sport and the values that are part of the sport. It is an attempt to change the culture of what jiu jitsu is. If you love the sport. Go purchase a hat or wear a T-shirt. But it is only an opinion

  7. get whatever tatttoo YOU want. me, i would never get a tattoo of any kind.

    my creaky joints, lean body and ferocious grip are all i need to remind me i do jiu jitsu. hahaha.

    though getting a bjj tat does seem to carry a curse that who ever you rep in that tattoo you wont end you bjj career training with them….cat fancy curse.

  8. I can’t talk bad about anyone who gets a BJJ tattoo. Me and five of my buddies all went out and got tattoos at the same time when I was in the Army. That was in the 90s. I don’t regret it and it is a reminder of time past.

    Although, I was smart enough to put it in a place where I could cover it with ease. You wouldn’t know I had it unless I told you. I think a lot of teens and 20 somethings will regret where they place tats later on.

  9. “I think it disrespects the sport and the values that are part of the sport.”

    What values and culture are being changed, exactly?

  10. There is no such thing as a wrong tattoo so as long as the theme is something youre passionate about. A tattoo is for the owner, not the viewer.

  11. I don’t see a problem with it. I do think it can be a problem if you get a tattoo with one school’s information and you switch schools later. It might be best to wait until you are a purple belt and you can be certain the relationship between you and your instructor is set in stone.

    I don’t understand the comments calling a tattoo “stupid” or conflicting with the values of jiu jitsu – that just doesn’t make any sense to me at all. After Grandmaster Helio Gracie’s death, Master Pedro Sauer got a tattoo made from the photo on the front of Helio’s book (Helio’s hands tying his red belt). I think that tattoo depicts the loyalty between student and instructor which is entirely consistent with jiu jitsu’s core values.

    I want to get one, but I just haven’t managed to come up with an image I like yet. I’d like to see some examples of jiu jitsu tattoos on this website. It would help those of us considering getting one.

  12. i think the best bjj tat to get is the chinese characters for jiu jitsu.

    thats what gsp has on his pec.

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