BJJ Blog of the Year (Non) Update

I mention this in the new show we have coming for you on Sunday, but I wanted to also put it in writing here on the site: despite what I said over the summer, there will be no BJJ Blog of the Year contest in 2010. The same things that are keeping me from putting out shows as regularly as we used to are keeping me from putting together a legitimate BJJ Blog of the Year contest.

Unfortunately to do it right, I have to coordinate judges, prizes, get voting going, and there are a handful of things going on that are keeping me from those. So I have to tap on this one. I’m really sorry because I know it can be a lot of fun and it certainly is an opportunity for those really entertaining and fun BJJ bloggers out there to get some recognition they deserve because they really do work hard all year.

But, the one thing I can do is once again offer the list of BJJ blogs that I read and/or scan every day. One of the missions we’ve had here at The FightWorks Podcast has always been to provide some BJJ content for you so you can feed the itch for BJJ when you are not able to be out on the mats and by following the instructions below you will have a lot of fresh, new, and fun BJJ content delivered right to you all day long. Some of the authors are very high end jiu-jitsu champions, and some are white belts. (And a lot of them are female, and honestly I think sometimes they make better bloggers! You be the judge.)

So, here goes.

I’m attaching something to this post called an OPML file. Basically it’s a file you upload (“import”) into Google Reader. (I can’t promise it will work in other readers.) This OPML file contains the RSS feeds of more than 300 BJJ blogs. Here’s what you do:

  1. Download the OPML File of BJJ Blogs Here and save it to your desktop.
  2. Open Google Reader.
  3. Click Manage Subscriptions in the bottom left of Google Reader.
  4. Now find Import/Export and upload the file you just saved to your desktop.

After you import this file, Google Reader will display the contents of the newly updated BJJ blog whenever any of these BJJ bloggers write something new!

Don’t worry, not all of the 300+ blogs put out new content every day. Some come and go, and a few have even mostly gone silent. In any case you can use Google Reader to nuke the ones you don’t like, and keep the ones you enjoy.

So while there’s no BJJ Blog of the Year Contest (I really am sorry), hopefully this helps the community by giving BJJ Bloggers some new readers and also giving the greater community lots of great jiu-jitsu content to read.

(And for those who are wondering whether we’ll do the random drawing gi giveaway from for contributors of Tournament Review Tuesday pieces, that’s still a go. That’s very easy to pull off. Stay tuned…)

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  1. Forgot to mention, thank you for putting it in its own folder. Right when I started importing, I was afraid that my old feeds would have gotten lost in the 100s of new ones.

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