#227 Training BJJ in Hawaii: the Cauliflower Chronicles

marshal carper
Marshal Carper in Hawaii. Photo courtesy Marshal.

A young jiu-jitsu guy breaks up with his long-time girlfriend. What to do, what to do… Immerse oneself in work? No, not very fun. Drink a bunch of alcohol? Probably not a great idea either. Why not go someplace far away and train jiu-jitsu twice a day? Why not someplace beautiful, and maybe with a famous Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete?

Marshal Carper found himself at such a fork in the road and next thing he knew he was on a plane headed far from home all the way to Hawaii to train jiu-jitsu under BJ Penn. A white belt at the time, he had one goal: to receive his blue belt from BJ Penn himself. Luckily for us, Carper is an author and decided he would write a book called The Cauliflower Chronicles about the experience! With the help of Cohost Dan we hear all the ins and outs of Carper’s classic road trip story that happens to be about the one thing many of us care about more than our jobs or our relationships: Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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2 Replies to “#227 Training BJJ in Hawaii: the Cauliflower Chronicles”

  1. I hope they also release this as an ebook so I can read it on my iphone when I’m on the subway.

    Sounds really interesting

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