BJJ Poll: Is MMA Enveloping BJJ?

We got this suggestion for our weekly BJJ poll from Jake, who wrote:

I see training centers focusing more and more on no-gi work. I see trained MMA fighters joining Jiu-Jitsu schools as their sole training place. I see Jiu-Jitsu schools encouraging MMA training, offering Thai boxing classes & specialized cross training. I see Jiu-Jitsu professors cornering Pro-Am MMA fights.

Is MMA enveloping Jiu-Jitsu?

Thank you for the suggestion Jake! If you have an idea for a poll, in addition to emailing us you can always leave us a voicemail at 877-247-4662!

5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Is MMA Enveloping BJJ?”

  1. Well, im probably nitpicking but… my school is predominately Gi still. Our main nogi day did however got changed to mma GnP day, our saturday morning open mat got changed to mma sparring, so the bjj guys like myself were pushed up earlier in the morning. I still get my time in though. There are still schools out there that want to compete in bjj and be good at just that…I.E. Marcelo Garcia to ATT for mma. Theres hope.
    Its probably worse at other schools though.

  2. Is it just me, or has this poll said “poll closed” from the start? I’m assuming that’s some kind of glitch?

    Either way, I would vote no. MMA and BJJ have always had a close relationship, but I wouldn’t say that one was enveloping the other (I’ve babbled about it before: I would argue it’s been relatively symbiotic since the early days). Also, almost all of the six schools I’ve trained at so far have been pretty much pure gi, with at most two no-gi sessions a week. Where I am now doesn’t do any no-gi (which I think is generally much, much more common in the US than here in the UK).

    A few top athletes have headed over to MMA to make some money, but in my limited experience, the vast majority of people training in BJJ don’t have any intention of moving over to MMA. Mixed martial arts caters to a different kind of student, who doesn’t mind being punched in the face. 😉

  3. I train with a school that’s 100% BJJ. Very technical, almost always with the gi. We have a couple of guys who also train MMA at other gyms, but they realize that training a techical gi game will only make their MMA better.

    All you have to do is look at the pure BJJ practitioners who moved over to UFC to see the value of pure gi training. IEvery time you see a BJJ guy pop out a beautiful triangle or other technical move in MMA, it proves the value of traditional BJJ. So no, I don’t think MMA is taking over. If anything, it’s just validating the value of traditional, pure BJJ training in the gi.

  4. In my experience it has. In the past I stopped training at two places because they began to focus more on MMA instead of BJJ, which often entailed an overemphasis on ‘cardio.’

    200 burpees at the end of warmups was not why I signed up for BJJ. I didn’t want to become a Burpee champion I just wanted to grapple.

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