Some Quick Notes from the 2010 BJJ No Gi Worlds

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As most folks know I helped BudoVideos with the broadcast of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation 2010 No Gi BJJ World Championships yesterday. I had a great time and hope you guys in the audience out there enjoyed things as well.

Before I was in the Budo Videos booth and in front of the camera with my co-commentator and funny comedian Shawn Williams, I was up in the stands taking notes on the action on the mats. It was like my normal live blogs but I wasn’t connected to the internet! So I thought I’d paste the small amount of detail I collected here assuming it’s better than nothing.

Keep an eye on for photos of the event sometime soon!

Gilbert Burns wins his first match by rear naked choke at 2m47s.

Justin Rader is up 13-0 over Renan Borges of BTT. Wins by points.

Lucas Leite is up 4-0 at 4m00s.

Hillary Williams not competing but reffing blue belt matches today.

Baret Yoshida against Carlos “Esquisita” Viera. Viera pulls guard immediately.

Samir Chantre is up against Rafael de Freitas.

Leite continues up 40-0 at 8m02s.

Yoshida still in Viera’s open guard at 3m03s. Tied 0-0.

Chantre is playing open guard in front of de Freitas.

At 9m51s Francisco Daniel’s brow has been cut open in his match against Lucas Leite. The score is 4-2 in Leite’s favor as time runs out.

Baret Yoshida and Esquisito are still tied 0-0.

Samir Chantre defeats Rafael de Freitas by one advantage after a 0-0 match.

Esquisito eliminates Baret Yoshida 0-0 but 2 advantages to one.

Justin Rader is up against Rodrigo Ranieri. After 3m51s they’re tied 0-0 across the board with Rader on top in half guard.

Bill “The Grill” Cooper’s name has been called more than once and he has not appeared!

JT Torres is up against Gabriel Rollo (CheckMat). Torres gets the quick takedown for 2 points.

Thiago Alves’s opponent is disqualified. I didn’t see why.

Justin Rader goes up 3-0 against Rodrigo “Little Mike Tyson” Ranieri. He goes on to win 5-0.

Victor Estima is up on mat 2 against Igmar Santos of CheckMat. At 1m26s he’s applied the upside down triangle his brother is known for!

JT Torres is up 8-2 over his opponent and has the back.

Caio Terra wins his match and will now face his teammate and roommate Samir Chantre.

Igmar Santos escapes from Victor’s upside down triangle. The score is tied 0-0 at 3m03s.

Bill Cooper is DQ’d. Never appeared to compete.

Victor Estima defeats Igmar Santos by footlock(?).

JT Torres wins at 9m44s by submission against Gabriel Rollo. The score was 10-2 at the time.

Lucas Lepri now faces a CheckMat opponent on mat 3.

Lucas Leite is up 2-0 after 2m07s.

Lucas Lepri and his CheckMat opponent are tied 2-2 at 3m19s.

Lucas Leite now leads 16-0 over his opponent at 4m25s.

Lucask Leite is up 7-2 over his CheckMat opponent.

At 6m17s Lepri goes up 9-2. He’s almost got the backā€¦ and now he gets the top by RNC at 6m36s. The score was 31-2.

The black belts are largely at rest right now. The only one still going is Lucas Leite against his unknown opponent, where he leads 16-0 at the 9 minute mark. The score remains the same at the 10m00s mark and Leite advances.

Gilbert Burns is now on mat 2 against CheckMat’s Thiago Aragao. Burns, the only Atos BJJ black belt in attendance, is now up 2-0 at the 2m44s mark.

Gilbert Burns leads 2-0 after 9m25s. Time expires and “Durinho” advanves.

JT Torres faces Augusto Mendes aka “Tanquinho” on mat 3. At the 5m09s mark they’re still tied 0-0.

Now in the final minute, Torres and Tanquinho remain tied. At 9m29s Tanquinho gets medical attention for a cut on his chin. Going in to the final seconds Torres remains playing open guard. It’s up to referee decision and Tanquinho gets the nod.

Lucas Lepri now faces Phillipe della Monica.

Thiago Alves gets the ref decision in his match after a 0-0 tie.

Victor Estima (Gracie Barra) now faces Takashi Kiyokawa (Paraestra). Kiyokawa goes for a quick straight foot lock but Estima escapes. Now just 65seconds into the match, Estima gets a tap from an armlock.

Gilbert “Durinho” Burns now faces Lucas Leite on mat 2!

Lucas Lepri is now up 2-0 against della Monica.

“Cyborg” Abreu is in action and gets a kimura variation on his opponent in under one minute.

Gilbert “Durinho” Burns gets the straight armbar on Lucas Leite at 4m44s!!!

Lucas Lepri gets the RNC on Phillip della Monica at 9m47s.

Leo Santos is disqualified for an open handed choke.

Michelle Nicolini lands a straight armbar on her first opponent, of Gracie Barra.

Beatriz Oliveira is now in action against Ana Claudia Dantas of Nova Uniao.

Penny Thomas and Fernanda Mazzelli are warming up for their match on mat 2 in a moment.

Beatriz Oliveira survives having her back taken and defeats Ana Claudia Dantas by advantage.

Penny Thomas is up 2-0 over Fernanda Mazzelli. After four minutes she is up 12-0 over Mazzelli.

Flavio Almeida is up against Cameron Diffey on mat 3. After 4 minutes Almeida leads 5-0.

Penny Thomas is up 19-0 over Fernanda Mazzelli after gaining mount again. After 10 minutes, Penny is unable to finish Fernanda but wins by a score of 21-0.

Flavio Almeira leads Cameron Diffey 11-0 after 7m37s.

Victor Estima faces Thiago Alves on mat 2. Engaged in dueling footlocks, they roll out of bouncs at the 2 minute mark.

Flavio Almeida defeats Cameron Diffey 11-0 after ten minutes.

Oklahoma’s Rafael Lovato faces Felipe Oliveira (Gracie Barra). Two minutes in, Oliveira gets an advantage for a straight foot lock attempt. They now find themselves in 50/50 guard. After a stalemate in 50.50, they’re both penalized and each receives two more points. Lovato now leads 6-2. Oliveira gets into an argument with the ref and is DQed. Lovato advances.

After 8m35s Victor Estima is cut and the ref stops the match. After medical attention things are restarted. Alves is winning 3-2 and in sidemount. Time continues and things remain the same, so Alves wins after time elapses.

Joao Assis is now up on mat 2 against Gustavo dos Santos from Gracie Barra.

After 4m59s, Leticia Ribeiro gets the head arm triangle and the tap. She was winning 12-0 at that point.

Joao Assis is now leading Gustavo dos Santos by 2-0. At 1m48s Assis gets an achilles lock on dos Santos, who limps off the mat.

Pablo Popovitch now faces Rillion Gracie black belt Eduardo Milioli.

Bruno Bastos leads his CheckMat opponent 6-0 after 4m47s. The score remains the same as time runs out five minutes later.

Rafael Lovato Jr now is up against Gracie Barra’s Flavio Almeida. Lovato is being coached by Saulo Ribeiro. Lovato tries to sit in front for open guard to being working some sweeps. Almeida buckels down and widens his base. Two minutes in, and the tactics remain the same. Lovato remains on bottom looking for an opening for a sweep and Almeida seeks an opportunity to pass. It’s 0-0 across the board and remains that way after 3m41s. Just before 5 minutes Lovato gets an advantage point for a near armbar on Almeida. Almeida continues in Lovato’s open guard, now tries going for double underhooks to get the pass. Lovato defends and remains in control on bottom. Just before 8 minutes Almeida answers with an advantage point of his own, so it’s tied 0-0 with one advantage a piece. It’s now a ref decision. The ref raises Lovato’s hand and Almeida is eliminated.

**It was about this time that I headed out from the stands and began preparing for the on-air portion of the broadcast, so wasn’t able to continue documenting what I saw. If anyone has any feedback on how Shawn and I did with the broadcast, I am anxious to hear it! Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments below or just shoot me an email… **

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  1. I thought it was awesome- you guys did a great job commentating- i got to sit around all day sunday and watch BJJ, it was fantastic.

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