2010 BJJ No Gi Worlds Absolute Division Meeting

no gi absolute division
Various leaders deciding the bracketing for the 2010 No Gi BJJ Black Belt Adult Division. Starting from the top of the photo at the 12 o’clock position we have Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu (The Avengers), Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat), Phillipe della Monica (Gracie Barra), Gilbert “Durinho” Burns (Atos BJJ), Caio Terra (Gracie Fighter), Pablo Popovitch (The Avengers).

Back in 2008 The FightWorks Podcast brought you this image of leaders from different jiu-jitsu teams meeting at the 2008 BJJ World Championship. In it, you can see folks like Fabio Gurgel, Saulo Ribeiro, and others deciding which of their competitors will face which opponents in the first round of the black belt male absolute division. The reason these types of decisions are not determined at random is because you want to avoid things like having to guys from the same team face each other. You don’t even want to guys on the same side of the brackets, if possible. So it’s a process to figure out who faces who in the first round and who gets a bye first round.

So I thought it would be good to share a photo of this process from yesterday’s 2010 No Gi World Championship. Same process as always. Some negotiation, some gamesmanship, and a lot of smiles and laughs among the guys in the room. The dynamics are interesting to watch but I keep a distance so they can have privacy. (Actually what I’m after most are the completed brackets so I can help bring good coverage!)

3 Replies to “2010 BJJ No Gi Worlds Absolute Division Meeting”

  1. I am absolutely not going to support any fighter that closes out a bracket like this again.

    Even Joao Asis said so on his FB page today, never again will he close out a bracket.

    No fight=DQ if you ask me.

  2. @Rowdy – I disagree. If they aren’t going to fight for real, I’d rather just watch another match. Otherwise, you get a fake match like Caio Terra and Samir and we all waste 10 minutes watching 2 guys basically just training. And those of us watching at home have to suffer through commentators pretending what they are watching is real.

  3. there were no other matches at this time. it was the semis and finals of the absolute. i was cheated out of 20 minutes of competition.

    and i dont consider it ever a waste to see top level people roll. that is why i want them to fight no matter what.

    i still stand by my position and agree with other pro’s. never close out.

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