9 Replies to “BJJ Poll: If Your Job or Career Depended on It, Would You Quit Training BJJ?”

  1. Fortunately, I have a career with the type of hours that allow me to fit BJJ in pretty regularly. Further, I think it would take me too long to figure out how to earn a living through BJJ to justify giving up my career.

  2. I am not sure that the yes and no answers are in the right spot… Anyways… Bjj is really what helps me keep my sanity , whether I am working or not , so i will keep training until I die.

  3. Franck’s right – the “Yes” and “No” answers don’t match the question, and may cause confusion. The first answer should be reworded:
    – “No, I would put my BJJ before my job or career. It’s that important to me.”
    And the second answer should be reworded:
    – “Yes, I would quit BJJ before giving up my job or career.”
    (And I’d reorder these answers, so that the “Yes” answer is first.)

    *Great* poll idea, though. Perhaps there should also be a 4th possible answer: “I am retired, so this question doesn’t apply to me.” 🙂 🙂

  4. BTW, as of right now (Sunday 7am) only 40 votes have been cast, so it’s not too late to change the wording of the questions.

  5. the first choice is very poorly phrased. very. as in wrong.

    i voted the third option. i don’t work so i treat bjj as my job. i want to get my bb (purple now) and do something, somewhere with that skill and knowledge.

  6. Tough question, but like the above comments my response doesn’t quite fit into the mold. If my current job (which isn’t my dream job) prevented me from training, I’d look for another job that allowed me to train and THEN quit this job.

  7. I train only twice a week , I wish I could do more , but my spirit is in bjj 24 /7 I carry that through my work , I choke my colleagues for instance or Triangle my neighbor … 😉
    but this is kind tricky , because if BJJ become a job Am i going to like it as much ? I am French and overthere all the Instructors and Masters that I had in my life , had a full time job on the side , in other word teaching Judo , for example is not a job , in a business sense of the word.it is non profit… so maybe the right balance would be keeping your job and do or teach bjj as a vocation…one thing for sure, I know what I am going to occupy my retirement with…

  8. I voted option number 2… but I wish I could vote number 1. But if you can’t make a living then you can’t train BJJ… right?

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