BJJ Poll: What is Your Ideal Number of BJJ Techniques That Should Be Taught Per Class?

We received this suggestion at the FightWorks Podcast headquarters for a poll from Martin, one of the Mighty 600,000 in Canada:

I have visited schools who teach one technique per class. Some even refer to a list of techniques posted on the wall.

Mine teaches around 8-10 moves per class. Our instructors are clearly open books and hide nothing to hinder our process. Then again how many can you even memorize in the end?

What is your ideal number of techniques that should be taught per class?

So let us know what you think by voting and adding a comment, family! I think this is another great question!

2 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What is Your Ideal Number of BJJ Techniques That Should Be Taught Per Class?”

  1. Ideally two, possibly with a variation. My favourite classes teach both sides of a technique – e.g., a pass and a sweep, a submission and a counter, or both escaping and maintaining mount. That way, both of you have something to work during specific sparring. Kev Capel at RGA Wycombe is good at doing that.

    I also like classes where they just focus on one thing, possibly with a few variations, or a well connected sequence. Victor Estima did a great seminar in that style, and Norby also did an excellent class on escaping side control like that a while back at Gracie Barra Birmingham.

    If it gets above three, then I find it more difficult to keep it in my head, unless they’re well connected (or I have a chance to rush to my notepad and get scribbling, like at the Roy Dean seminar).

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