#225 Phil Migliarese, Chiropractic Therapy in BJJ

Balance Studios BJJ Phil Migliarese
Philadelphia BJJ instructor Phil Migliarese. Photo courtesy Migliarese.

Phil Migliarese has been training in jiu-jitsu since the early nineties and was a part of the scene when jiu-jitsu first arrived in the United States. Black belts under Relson Gracie, Phil and his brother Rick have been teaching the Gracie art in Philadelphia at Balance Studios.

I lived in Hawaii with Relson. Relson was nice enough to put me up and at that time Helio Gracie was staying with him. Relson took care of me completely. He gave me food, a place to live, and all I had to do was teach some beginner classes for him. I was a purple belt at the time. I started teaching class one time, and in comes Helio Gracie. And my heart dropped into my shoes. He watched me teach the whole class. There’s no way you can [teach jiu-jitsu with him] where he didn’t have a correction. I just took whatever correction he gave to make me a better teacher.

We will also learn about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and chiropractic in a conversation with New York-based Dr. Mattie Leto, who speaks with FightWorks Podcast correspondent Chris Simamora. As we all know, injuries of some sort are something we encounter sooner or later during a Brazilian jiu-jitsu career and Dr. Leto’s helped many of the names we hear about in coverage of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships every year, like Marcelo Garcia or Sergio Moraes.

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5 Replies to “#225 Phil Migliarese, Chiropractic Therapy in BJJ”

  1. I can testament to the power of chiropractics, I was down for a good 4 months with back pain due to a overzealous neck crank, and my chiropractor really helped me. I definitely recommend it for the Jiujiteiro’s out there.

  2. wow, great interview with Phil Migliarese. i hope you guys have him back again and let him keep talking the amazing talk. seems like he filled up a cup and has plenty more to fill up a few more. thanks guys!

  3. I see my Chiropractor on a regular basis it is essential especially for bjj guys who get into contortions endlessly…. even for the common mortals maintenance chiropractic is essential…. for The Jiujitsu fighting aspect we can always have a look at gracie in action where we can see Rolls throwing those vertical elbows from the mount….
    and to connect with Phil regarding instruction… techniques put aside, the way of teach is extremely vital… you can show thousand of tricks but if you are a bad teacher it will never get there…

  4. After listening to Phil, it reminded me that I was trained the same way a few years before him. I think that people getting involved with Jiu-Jitsu, might want to look at the self defense aspect of it.

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