#222 Ricardo Liborio, Rio Open and Masters & Seniors Championship with Stephen Hall

Ricardo Liborio Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Ricardo Liborio. Photo courtesy cohost Dan.

Big show this week on the audio home of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, The FightWorks Podcast. Today we of course begin the show with a discussion of the most recent BJJ poll results, and from there we move on to this week’s feature interview with American Top Team’s Ricardo Liborio. Liborio is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the late Carlson Gracie, and a leader of ATT, located down in Florida. Cohost Dan will bring us an in depth conversation about jiu-jitsu today, and in yesteryear when he was coming up in the ranks alongside peers like Amauri Bitetti, Wallid Ismail, Murilo Bustamante, and others.

We also spend some time with Stephen Hall, aka Pesadelo Triangulo of Alliance. Hall just attended the Rio Open BJJ Tournament and the International Masters and Seniors in Brazil. As always, we benefit from his great stories and helps us feel like we were right there with him at the Tijuca Tenis Clube, the home of so many important matches in BJJ history.

Finally, Cohost Dan and I will answer some listener email and even a voicemail to wind down today’s show.

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