No Show This Weekend

Sergio Moraes (left) against Kron Gracie at the 2010 BJJ World Championship. Photo courtesy cohost Dan.

Hey Family,

Not the news I like to deliver but sometimes there’s just not enough hours in a week, you know what I mean? I have been traveling for my job the majority of this week and was not able to set aside any time to put something together. I think I could have made a show in the last day or so but I don’t want to throw quality out the window and do a show just just for the sake of saying I didn’t miss a week.

So stay tuned and we should be back very soon!

Caleb (still on the road!)

5 Replies to “No Show This Weekend”

  1. Hey Caleb, IMHO – no problem at all. Quality >> Quantity. I’d be much happier having the podcast skip the occasional week, and/or become shorter, then become filled with random drivel (just because you feel you need fill an allotted period of time) – like some of the MMA podcasts.

  2. No show this week? I want my money back! 🙂

    I’m amazed you’re able to do as much as you do. Keep up the great work Caleb and Dan!

  3. Hi Caleb & co,
    You are doing a really good job in spreading bjj news. I especially like that your show is bjj oriented and not mainstream mma.

  4. we already have a bunch of podcasts to listen to due to your great job. you see you don’t even have to work 😉

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