#217 Sergio Penha, Jiu-Jitsu Red & Black Belt

Sergio Penha Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Sergio Penha is one of the newest members of an elite club in Brazilian jiu-jitsu who have earned the red and black belt. After being a black belt for thirty-one years, he was awarded his red and black belt on June 7th at the 2010 BJJ World Championship alongside Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti and Mauricio Motta Gomes (Roger Gracie’s father).

Perhaps you have also heard of Sergio Penha for being “the man who almost beat Rickson Gracie“. That’s right, Penha was the closest to breaking the aura of invincibility of the lion of the Gracie family: Penha had racked up a significant lead against Rickson when in the final moments Rickson came back and submitted Penha just before the whistle blew.

And how many jiu-jitsu practitioners who have reached black belt do you know that were never a brown belt? I didn’t know any, until now. That’s right, Penha skipped brown belt altogether.

We will hear about all the above stories and much more straight from Rio de Janeiro native Sergio Penha himself in this episode of The FightWorks Podcast. But if there is one theme in the show, it is his sincere appreciation for the wonderful benefits that jiu-jitsu brings us.

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Sergio Penha Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Sergio Penha displays the certificate awarded by the IBJJF certifying that he has reached red and black belt.

6 Replies to “#217 Sergio Penha, Jiu-Jitsu Red & Black Belt”

  1. Amazing. I had no idea what my son and I stumbled into until my wife… my beautiful, intelligent wife… said we should check out the new MMA/BJJ school in Bowie.
    We’re onto something awesome and I’m loving what BJJ under Carlos Catania and the gang is doing for my son.

  2. Sergio Penha and Carlos Catania are the two best Bjj instructors i’ve come across. I been to other BJJ school, dreaming to become an mma fighter. The teachings either werent that good, or they managers and staff were just money hungry. They either taught to slow or to fast, But Bowie MMA is a perfect school for me. Been a wrestler for some time now, and to transition from wrestling to bjj is hard. But with the teachings of Carlos and Sergio, im becoming well rounded. I can say with hard work and the coach’s behind me, i know ima be going far into the sport. Did Naga tournament in New Jersey and didnt place at all, lost my first match. Did Naga a couple months later, and placed 2nd. Surely i dont have to say more. The Bowie mma is getting me ready for a fight on October 30 in sterling va. Surely a win for the Books.

  3. Grand Master Sergio Penha is an amazing person. We at Bowie MMA are proud and honored to have BJJ Black Belt Carlos Catania as our head instructor. Carlos received his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Sergio Penha and we are the only Team Sergio Penha affiliate on the East Coast.

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