Live Blog of the 2010 BJJ World Championship Finals

9:54 Hey Mighty 600,000! We are here at the Long Beach Pyramid again!

9:55 I misremembered how things would go for me today (shocker). I will be doing the live blog here for you until the Finals. At that point I will go join and help commentate the finals with Shawn Williams.

10:00 So Tony Torres has used his big voice to announce the beginning of the Rooster and Featherweight Quartfinals.

10:02 Looks like we’re starting off with Caio Terra (Gracie Elite) against Makoto Sawada (Paraestra).

10:03 Sawada makes a point to go lay down face up on the mats before the match begins.

10:03 In under 8 seconds Terra slaps on a deep triangle!!!

10:04 Sawada knows he’s in the quarterfinals now! He’s stacking Terra….

10:05 Sawada still stacking Terra trying to relieve the pressure of the triangle. Terra will have to be careful not to use all his energy right now going for this one submission.

10:05 We’re now 1m45s in and Sawada’s still trying to get out of the triangle.

10:06 Terra’s trying to push the arm across Sawada’s throat to finalize the triangle.

10:06 Sawada still on his tip toes to stack Terra and prevent the end of the match.

10:07 Terra’s adjusting to see if he can tweak the attack…

10:07 Laercio Fernandes vs Samir Chantre is beginning on the second mat.

10:08 Sawada’s still in that triangle after 5m27s…

10:09 On the other mat Chantre has begun in open guard against Fernandes.

10:10 Comment From Mike M.:Good to see you this morning at the FightWorks coffee get together. I e-mailed you those widescreen photos. M.

10:10 Terra has switched the legs in his triangle looking for a different pressure on Sawada, and to give his legs a break.

10:11 On the other mat, Chantre is turtled and Fernandes is attempting to penetrate the defense.

10:11 Terra’s still working that deep triangle on Sawada after 8 minutes! How is Sawada resisting that long?!?

10:12 Terra’s face now showing signs of wear after holding on so long.

10:12 Fernandes is up 2-0 over Chantre.

10:12 Less than one minute left between Caio Terra and Sawada..

10:13 Terra’s reversed and now he’s on top with the triangle. He gets two points, and Sawada rolls him over. Time expires and Sawada laughs as he’s let out of that triangle.

10:13 Terra eliminates Sawada.

10:15 Fernandes remains up 2-0 over Chantre after 5m39s on mat 2. On mat 1 we now have Rafael Freitas (Gracie Barra) and Bernardo Pitel (Nova Uniao).

10:16 After 7 minuters Fernandes is still up 2-0 over Chantre. Chantre has the 50/50 guard on Fernandes, who’s standing over Chantre defending the sweep.

10:17 At the 2 minute mark, Pitel and Freitas are tied 0-0.

10:18 Dueling footlocks between Chantre and Fernandes in the final moments…!

10:19 Both are cranking their opponents’ feed so hard!

10:19 Time expires and Laercio Fernandes (Lotus Club) is up 2-0, eliminating Samir Chantre.

10:20 You will notice the coaches this year accopmanying their athletes to the mats. They’re wearing the bright flourescent green vests.

10:21 Sebastian Lalli and Pablo Silva are up on mat 2.

10:22 Still tied 0-0 between Pitel and Freitas after 5m40s.

10:22 Comment From Nori: When is the light division??

10:22 The schedule today is right here:

10:23 Pitel is playing open guard, defending Freitas high paced passing attempts.

10:25 Pitel drives Freitas out of bounds on a takedown attempt.

10:26 In the bullpen, Lucas Lepri and Michael Langhi clasp hands in greeting as they prepare for their matches.

10:27 Freitas is up by one advantage with 25 seconds left over Pitel.

10:27 Rafael Freitas defeats Bernardo Pitel by one advantage as time expires.

10:27 Comment From Max: Caleb where are you sitting with respect to the mats right now?

10:28 I’m to the left of the IBJJF table.

10:28 Felipe Costa is now up against Rogerio Taborda on mat one. Costa is being coached by Ryan Hall.

10:29 Costa pulls guard but is now up on top. He’s given two points for the takedown. He looks up for confirmation by the ref and he’s back on the attack.

10:30 Sunday brackets are here for those who want to follow along:

10:30 Felipe Costa is almost mounted on Taborda…

10:31 But he gets swept just before getting the points and now he’s got Taborda in closed guard.

10:33 Time expires on mat 2 and Pablo Silva wins 6-0 over Sebastian Lalli.

10:34 Daniel Beleza is now up against Paulo Melo on mat 2. Melo is the one who eliminated Gui Mendes yesterday!

10:34 Felipe Costa is now winning 8-0 over Rogerio Taborda at the 4m50s mark.

10:36 Costa’s now up 10-0 after 6m15s.

10:36 Costa’s in side mount over Taborda and now winning 13-0. He’s now taken the back and is up 17-0.

10:37 Paulo Melo and Daniel Beleza continue tied 0-0.

10:38 Paulo Melo and Daniel Beleza continue tied 0-0 after 4m41s.

10:39 Costa is working a rear naked choke on Taborda with 15 seconds remaining and a solid 17-0 lead.

10:40 Felipe Costa eliminates Rogerio Taborda 17-0 when time runs out.

10:41 On mat 1 we now have Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) against Marcelo Pereira (Nova Uniao). Alliance’s cheering section greets Malfacine with loud whistles, claps, and footstomps in the bleachers.

10:42 Malfacine pulls guard a moment into the match.

10:42 Paulo Melo and Daniel Beleza continue tied 0-0 after 8m25s.

10:43 Cobrinha is getting ready to compete next on mat 1. He’s calmly pacing and singing a song to himself.

10:44 Malfacine is up 2-0 over Pereira.

10:45 GB’s dark horse Paulo Melo has been eliminated by Daniel Beleza *by just one advantage* in an otherwise tied match.

10:45 On mat 2 we have Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra) against Matsumoto Yoshihiko.

10:45 Comment From Jim: Did Victor Estima enter?

10:45 No Jim he did not.

10:46 Comment From Jim: Thanks. Great job you’re doing. Caleb for President!

10:46 lol Don’t tell cohost Dan that!

10:47 Malfacine is up 7-0 over Pereira and is in side control after 4m12s. JT Torres‘ name was just called from the bullpen.

10:48 Malfacine sneaks Pereira’s lapel around the back of his neck from side mount as he begins threatening the mount.

10:49 Malfacine’s now up 10-0 as he and Pereira are restarted in the center.

10:49 Malfacine and Pereira are paused as the medics are called over, perhaps for a scratch on Pereira that the ref saw.

10:50 Samuel Braga and Matsumoto Yoshihiko remain tied 0-0 after 4m42s but Braga has one advantage.

10:53 Braga’s playing closed guard against Yoshihiko but otherwise there’s no real change over there.

10:53 Robson Moura is coaching Pereira telling him he doesn’t have much time left, but with just one minute remaining against Malfacine and being down 8 points it doesn’t look too good.

10:55 The midsections of both Pereira and Malfacine look like scales on a lizard! Those two are ripped.

10:55 Time expires and Malfacine’s declared the winner.

10:56 Cobrinha now enters the mat against the very tough Teodoro Canal of Gracie Fighter. Alliance begins chanting, “Co-Bri-Nha! Co-Bri-Nha!!”

10:57 Samuel Braga defeats Matsumoto Yoshihiko by a lone advantage point.

10:58 Michael Langhi (Alliance) now faces Rafael Barbosa (Soul Fighters) on mat 2.

10:59 Mario Reis is warming up on the side, with his coach Fabricio Werdum.

11:00 Cobrinha and Canal remain tied across the board after 2m57. They’re restarted in the center where Cobrinha is playing open guard.

11:01 Langhi is setting up an omoplata over Barbosa after 3m16 in a tied 0-0 match.

11:02 Alliance’s cheering section begins chanting “oo! Vai pegar!” (“Oo! He’s going to tap!”) cheering on Barbosa’s omoplata attempt!

11:03 Barbosa frees himself and is now in Langhi’s closed guard.

11:04 Canal and Cobrinha are tied 0-0 across the board after 6m35 seconds, but Cobrinha’s jsut set up an omoplata…

11:04 At 7m21 Cobrinha taps Canal by omoplata!!!

11:05 Cohost Dan got an awesome photo of that one!

11:05 Comment From J sho: Hey caleb great job, am travelling today so will miss most of this 🙁 werdum and reis are both friends think thy both come from Porto alegre. Reis has had more teams than I have bjj stats 🙂
11:05 Mario Reis now enters the mat against Renan Borges (BTT).

11:05 Langhi is up 2-0 over Barbosa.

11:07 Langhi and Barbosa are now tied 2-2 at the nine minute mark! Langhi is up by one advantage!

11:08 Rafa Mendes is warming up next to mat 1 with his coach and brother Gui Mendes.

11:08 Langhi’s sinking a triangle in the closing moments of his match against Barbosa!

11:09 Barbosa defends until the end and the timer sounds. Langhi wins by the narrowest of margins – one advantage! The level here is so tight!

11:10 Mario Reis is no top trying to pass but Borges won’t have it. Still tied 0-0 there after 4 minutes. On mat 2, we have AtosGilbert “Durinho” Burns against JT Torres (Lloyd Irvin). These two have history! Torres lost by an advantage last time they met if I remember correctly.

11:11 Durinho pulls guard and JT begins passing after 30 seconds.

11:12 Mario Reis defeated Renan Borges with a collar choke at 6m17s.

11:13 Rafael Mendes (Atos) is entering mat 1 against Ryan Hall (Brasa).

11:13 Durinho and JT were exchanging foot locks but they’ve both escaped. Now Torres is looking to take Durinho’s back!

11:14 Ryan Hall and Rafa Mendes are in…

11:14 leg spaghetti!

11:14 Durinho is angling for a kneebar on Torres but Torres seems safe for the moment.

11:15 The flexible Hall rolls over his shoulders to regain guard and prevent Mendes’ pass.

11:16 Torres and Durinho remain tied at 0-0 but Torres is leading by one advantage.

11:17 Durinho wants that kneebar on Torres again but Torres is defending.

11:18 Rafa Mendes is up 2-0 over Ryan Hall.

11:18 50/50 guard in action on both mats right now!

11:19 After 8m30s Torres remains up by one advantage over Durinho.

11:20 Rafael Mendes is up 4-0 over Ryan Hall now.

11:20 Now Torres and Burns are tied 0-0 with two advantages each!

11:21 Team Lloyd Irvin cheers louder and *louder*!

11:21 It’s time for a ref’s decision! Uh oh!

11:21 That match was so close!

11:21 The 3 refs convene to decide the winner.

11:21 Torres motions for his cheering section to turn up the volume!

11:22 The athletes are summoned to the center, and the referees give the green light to Gilbert “Durinho” Burns.

11:22 Celso Vinicius and Bruno Frazatto (Atos) begin now on mat 2.

11:23 Ryan Hall is now losing 5-0 to Rafael Mendes with just 30 seconds left.

11:23 Hall gets two points of his own, and it’s now 5-2 as time runs out against Mendes. Time’s up, and Rafael Mendes advances.

11:24 Naoya Uematsu is now up against Denilson Pimenta on mat 1.

11:25 Pimenta is up 2-0 over Uematsu.

11:26 Pimenta secures side mount and is up 5-0 over Uematsu.

11:27 Comment From dokomoy:Caleb what do you think of the JT/Durinho decision? I couldn’t really form an opinion because they kept on switching back and fourth between matches oy
11:28 I can see it being justified maybe based on those kneebar attempts. *So* close though.

11:28 Pimenta nails a big fireman’s carry sweep on Uematsu and he’s now winning 7-0. The two are restarted in the center.

11:29 Felipe Costa and Caio Terra were just called to the bullpen.

11:30 Comment From Silverfox: what was the score for the Hall Mendes match again? How do you go from 4-0 to 5-0?

11:30 Could be an error on my part there, Silverfox.

11:31 The final was 5-2 if I remember correctly between Ryan Hall and Rafael Mendes.

11:31 Comment From Silverfox: cool thanks

11:31 Comment From Alliance Europe: Jt/Durinho decidion looked like a fair one. JT was no robbed. Durinho spent most of the match trying to attack while JT spent most of the match defending. nce Europe
11:32 It’s 0-0 between Celso Vinicius and Bruno Frazatto with no advantages after 8m15s.

11:34 Frazatto and Celso is a ref’s decision! And Celso Vinicius’ hand is raised!

11:35 Uematsu is down 9-0 to Daniel Pimenta on mat 1.

11:35 Wow here comes Lucas Lepri (Alliance) against Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes on mat 2.

11:36 Comment From J sho: Plenty of records lookng to be broken today: roger goig for his 9th and tenth golds, his 3rd absolute and 3rd double gold; cobrinha going for a fifth straight win in the same division and 4 mundial/pan am titles in the same year, other guys going for their 3rd and 4th golds, xande for his 7th. Check out the efnsports link caleb twittered for more facts and stats
11:37 Uematsu has 36 seconds to change things in a big way or else Pimenta advances.

11:38 Lucas Lepri just got 2 points for a throw, and then another 2 points for another throw!

11:38 On mat 1, Denilson Pimenta eliminates Naoya Uematsu.

11:39 On mat 1 we now have Rafael Freitas (Gracie Barra) against Caio Terra (Gracie Elite).

11:40 Lepri remains up 4-0 on mat 2 over Tanquinho.

11:41 Terra goes hard for a foot lock on Freitas and is given an advantage. They’re 80 seconds into the match.

11:41 Felipe Costa will be coached by Demian Maia in his next match.

11:42 Wow Caio locked a *nasty* toehold on Freitas. Freitas resisted perhaps a little too long. He grimaced in pain and tapped. He’s now being attended to by the medics.

11:42 Comment From J sho: People have mentioned the hard cut for GUI mendes down to light feather, but freitas has cut from his normal light feather to rooster!!

11:42 Comment From Silverfox: seriously, what does Maia know? LOL

11:43 So on mat one our winner is Caio Terra!

11:43 Lepri continues up 4-0 over Tanquinho on mat 2.

11:43 Comment From spidersweep: Thanks for that one Caleb

11:44 Bruno Malfacine now faces Felipe Costa!

11:44 The last time they met, Malfacine did well against Costa.

11:46 Malfacine’s now in side control on Costa and winning 3-0 after 1m45s.

11:48 Malfacine is really bringing the pressure to Costa. They’re still in the same position though.

11:49 On mat 2 Lucas Lepri defeats Tanquinho 6-0.

11:49 Ramon Lemos is now standing next to Rafael Mendes, ready to coach his next match. Now we have Cobrinha up against Mario Reis!!!!

11:50 Cobrinha’s relaxed as he enters the mat, and Reis has his game face on, intense and amped up.

11:50 Malfacine is up 6-0 over Costa now with a little less than 5 minutes remaining.

11:51 “Jacare” Cavalcanti leads Alliance in shouting, “Co-Bri-Nha!” Cobrinha is working the pass on Reis. I believe the last time these two met, it ended in Reis being bow and arrow choked.

11:52 Reis has submitted all of his opponents so far in this event.

11:52 Caio Terra yells support from the stands to Felipe Costa.

11:53 Comment From Arash: does Reis have an illegal pants grip?

11:53 Can’t see too well from here Arash, sorry!

11:53 Cobrinha and Reis remain tied 0-0 across the board after 3m46s.

11:54 The stadium stands are quickly filling here in the Pyramid.

11:55 Malfacine has Costa’s back now!

11:55 Malfacine’s going for the bow and arrow choke on Costa and gets it at 9m35s!

11:56 On mat 2, Reis is in trouble as Cobrinha sinks a deep choke! Cobrinha ends it with a choke from behind at 5m56s!

11:56 Alliance is not doing badly here!

11:57 Daniel Beleza (SAS) now faces Gracie Barra’s Pablo Silva on mat 1.

11:57 On mat 2 we have: Rafa Mendes against Denilson Pimenta (Gama Filho).

11:58 Comment From BJJGuy: Alliance #1!! y
11:59 Rafael Mendes is seated in front of Denilson Pimenta after one minute. Pimenta moves in and now has a kneebar set up on Mendes, who’s being coached by Ramon Lemos.

12:01 Mendes appears to have escaped the kneebar attack. He’s now on top and was given 2 points for the sweep.

12:01 Kayron Gracie and Otavio Sousa are getting warmed up under the bleachers, where they’re chatting a bit with Carlos Gracie Jr..

12:01 Comment From Kk: This is so exciting goo mendes

12:02 Mendes remains up 2-0 after 3m30s and is trying to pass on top.

12:05 Rafael Mendes is winning 5-0 at 6m00s when he gets the gi choke from behind. Denilson Pimenta’s day is over.

12:05 Michael Langhi is now up against Gilbert “Durinho” Burns on mat 2!

12:07 Langhi appears to shoot but ends up facing in guard. Along the way Durinho grabs a foot. Langhi escapes. At some point Langhi earned 2 points and he’s up 2-0 over Durinho.

12:08 At least 50 people from Alliance in their team t-shirts in one bloc in the stands are standing now, cheering for Langhi as he works the pass against Durinho.

12:08 Comment From Silverfox: Durinho sat back for the foot and Langhi came up for the two

12:09 Comment From Mike M.:Thank you Caleb and Dan for covering this years Mundials. Your time and efforts are also VERY appreciated for the best jiu-jitsu podcast on the internet! M.

12:10 Durinho comes up! He’s now tied 2-2 at 3m18seconds!

12:10 Pablo Silva has defeated Daniel Beleza on mat one. Now on mat one we have Samuel Braga against Laercio Fernandes (Lotus Club).

12:11 Big sweep from Langhi and now he’s beating Durinho 4-2!

12:11 We’re now at the half way point between Langhi and Durinho.

12:12 Samuel Braga is being coached by Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhaes of Gracie Barra,

12:12 Durinho has tied it! It’s 4-4 between him and Langhi!

12:13 Braga now leads Fernandes 2-0 after 2m20s.

12:14 Looks like Murilo Santana may face Marcelo Garcia on mat 1 soon.

12:15 Langhi’s now leading by one advantage. It’s tied 4-4 otherwise between him and Durinho.

12:16 Comment From renoze_jjb: Go langhi

12:16 Comment From Sav: how did Burns get 4 pts?

12:16 Sav, two sweeps I believe.

12:16 Durinho is going hard for a sub attempt in the closing seconds!!!!

12:17 But Langhi escapes *just* as time runs out! It’s 4-4 each, but Langhi leads on advanatages.

12:17 Comment From Silverfox: pay attention Sav

12:17 Comment From Sav: thx..I must’ve missed 1

12:18 Michael Langhi is announced the winner, eliminating Gilbert “Durinho” Burns.

12:18 On mat 2 we now have Celso Vinicius against Lucas Lepri!

12:19 Samuel Braga continues up by 2 points over Laercio Fernandes. Less than 3 minutes remain there.

12:20 Tarsis Humpheys (Alliance) appears to be facing Nivaldo Oliveira (Check Mat) down on mat two next.

12:21 Braga’s defending the pass from Fernandes as we enter the last minute of regulation time.

12:21 Comment From dokomoy:are they still running only 2 mats at a time?

12:22 Yes, only two mats are going at once here.

12:23 Time runs out and now Samuel Braga defeats Laercio Fernandes.

12:24 Braga’s unfurling a giant Gracie Barra banner with Pablo Silva, indicating perhaps that they will close the bracket together?

12:24 Marcelo Garcia is now up against the very tough Murilo Santana, who eliminated Abmar Barbosa yesterday.

12:25 Wow and after this we will see Bill Cooper against Kayron Gracie if I am not mistaken.

12:25 Celso Vinicius leads Lucas Lepri 2-0 now on mat 2 after 5 minutes.

12:27 Marcelo Garcia’s going for the single leg on Murilo Santana and gets 2 points. On the other mat it looks like Lepri almost had Vinicius’ back, but they found themselves out of bounds.

12:27 Comment From dokomoy:speaking of closing out brackets, gotta root for Celso so we don’t see Langhi/Lepri close out again

12:28 Marcelo appears to nearly have his back taken but he’s free now.

12:28 Murilo Santana is going after Marcelo Garcia with a dense, fixed determination.

12:29 Santana is now working to pass Garcia’s open guard.

12:29 Santana and Garcia are tied 2-2. with no advantages after 3m38s.

12:30 Celso Vinicius maintains a 2- 0 lead over Lucas Lepri with 75 seconds left.

12:31 Marcelo Garcia appears to be setting up the arm drag against Murilo Santana from butterfly guard. Now Garcia might be setting up his x guard.

12:32 Lepri gets two points with less than 10 seconds left!

12:33 They are tied 2-2 with two advantages each, according to the scoreboard.

12:33 Comment From J Sho: come on celsinho!! no rock papers scissors or closing out today please…

12:34 The ref adjusts the score card, and now it’s 2-0 in Celso Vinicius’ favor. Lucas Lepri is eliminated.

12:34 Comment From csimamora: Looks like the live stream is down! = / Caleb, you’re the main source of info for now. No prressure. ; )

12:34 Comment From hobert: My feed went down….is anyone else having problems?

12:35 Tarsis Humphreys is now on mat 2 against Nivaldo Oliveira!

12:35 Marcelo is winning 4-2 and now almost has Santana’s back!

12:35 Tarsis pulls guard on Oliveira on their way out of bounds and they’re now restarted in the center.

12:36 Marcelo Garcia ran away with it at the end and now he’s beaten Murilo Santana 8-2.

12:36 Comment From bjjargentina: budovideos is now working!!

12:37 Bill Cooper’s coached by “Franjinha” Miller and Kayron Gracie will be coached by Marcio Feitosa.

12:37 Comment From bjjargentina: sorry, i meant NOT working

12:38 On deck on mat 1 we have: KRON GRACIE and SERGIO MORAES! Big rematch on the way here!

12:38 Kayron’s settled into his tricky open guard. Cooper has double underhooks and wants to pass.

12:39 Tarsis Humphreys and Nivaldo Oliveira are tied 0-0 with one advantage each.

12:39 Comment From CJJScout: live feed back up

12:39 Kayron gets an advantage for a near sweep on Cooper.

12:40 Nivaldo Oliveira is working his tricky deep half guard on Tarsis Humphreys. It’s like quicksand – many tough fighters slowly succumb.

12:41 Nivaldo Oliveira continues working from deep half guard on Tarsis Humphreys on mat two after the 5 minute mark. It’s still tied 0-0.

12:42 Wow Bill the Grill Cooper *almost* landed a flash armbar out of nowhere but Kayron squeaked out of it.

12:43 Kayron almost nailed a triangle attempt on Cooper just now, but he made it out!! Now the two are restarted in the center.

12:44 Tarsis and Nivaldo remain where they were before, slowly ticking away the time tied up in Oliveira’s deep half guard.

12:44 Kayron is beating Bill the Grill by one advantage, in an otherwise 0-0 match.

12:45 I’m getting reports from a lot of folks tying to watch the Budo video feed that it’s still down. Hold tight I am sure they’re working on it.

12:46 Time is running out on Tarsis Humphreys and Nivaldo Oliveira. Tarsis is going for a last minute foot lock attempt in hopes of earning an advantage.

12:47 Tarsis Humphreys defeats Nivaldo Oliveira by referee’s decision.

12:47 Kayron and Kron are still tied 0-0 after 8m20s but wait!

12:48 Kayron *almost* gets mount! But suddenly Cooper is somehow in front with double underhooks again! It defies the laws of physics!

12:48 Now on mat 2 is Eduardo Telles versus Otavio Sousa.

12:49 In the closing seconds Kayron is up 4 advantages to Cooper’s two. *What a match!*

12:50 Amazing athleticism there! When you grow up you want jiu-jitsu as fun as that match.

12:50 Comment From dokomoy:Cooper/Kayron has got to be one of the best matches ever that didn’t have a point scored

12:51 Sergio Moraes is now up against Kron Gracie!

12:51 The arena went from 120 decibles to quiet as Kron and Sergio begin.

12:52 The only sound we hear is a lone female voice from Alliance shouting Sergio’s name.

12:53 We are 1m25s in and it’s still tied 0-0 between Kron and Sergio. Sergio is now workign for a single leg. Sergio gets two points for the takedown.

12:53 Now Kron returns the favor and he’s on top! It’s tied 2-2!

12:54 Comment From GracieBarraSud: Sousa x Telles ? score please !

12:55 Telles is up 8-6 on Sousa after 5m45s.

12:55 Kron is fighting from standing while Sergio appears to want to stand up into a single leg takedown.

12:56 Kron couldn’t withstand the single leg pressure and Sergio gets the takedown. It’s now 4-2 in Sergio’s favor.

12:56 All matches are stopped while they retie their belts.

12:58 For the new folks, this is a big rematch from when Sergio eliminated Kron in 2008.

12:58 Sergio Moraes remains up 4-2 after 5m32s. There are no advantages.

12:58 Now Kron comes up on top! It’s tied 4-4!!!

12:59 Sergio is now working from bottom with 50/50 guard on Kron.

12:59 Telles is beating Sousa 10-8 in the last 30 seconds.

12:59 Now Sousa’s tied it! 10-10 each! Telles is in deep half guard!

1:00 Telles ends it with a lone advantage point that will earn him the victory over Sousa.

1:00 Sergio is still working from bottom, tied 4-4 with Kron.

1:00 Atos’ Gustavo Campos is up against Fabiano Souza Junior on mat 2.

1:01 With less than 2 minutes left it’s a dead tie between Sergio and Kron!

1:01 Just one minute left between Sergio and Kron!!!!!

1:02 Kron remains on top, now Sergio turns up the heat on the sweep and almost has it….

1:02 Just 15 sedonds left!!

1:03 Sergio is given an advantage!

1:03 Many are speechless!

1:03 Alliance cheers its winner, Sergio Moraes.

1:04 Lucas Leite enters mat one against Atos’ Claudio Calasans!

1:05 Guto Campos (Atos) is up 2-0 over Alliance’s Fabiano Souza Junior on mat 2. Wait! It’s now tied 2-2!

1:05 Campos and Souza trade sweeps again and it’s 4-4 each!

1:06 Guys I am nowhere near the Budo Video crew so I don’t have any updates on the feed.

1:07 Calasans is at the end of Leite’s leg, going for the straight foot lock.

1:07 Comment From noo: Budo is back

1:07 Comment From Kop: Stream is back up, I’m connected

1:07 Comment From pesh: Caleb, feed looks ok now…

1:08 Comment From tomaz_portugal: good old reliable fightworks podcast!!!

1:08 Calasans still at the end of Leite’s legs, keeping those wily legs at a distance.It’s still tied 0-0.

1:08 Fabiano Souza Junior is up 6-4 over Guto Campos.

1:11 Fabiano Souza Junior is in side Guto Campos’ closed guard. Remember Campos armbarred Rodrigo Cavaca at the Europeans this year to win the black belt absolute division.

1:11 Calasans is now up 2-0 over Leite. He’s on top and working to avoid allowing the deep half guard to Lucas Leite.

1:12 Comment From Robert: Is Royler arguing the advantage point against kron?

1:12 Looks that way.

1:13 Uh oh, it’s going to be a ref’s decision between Fabiano Souza Junior and Guto Campos! It’s tied 8-8 and 1 advantage each.

1:13 Guto Campos of Atos is given the win over Alliance’s Fabiano Souza Junior.

1:14 Back on mat 1 we have Calasans remaining up 2-0 over Leite. Two minutes left there.

1:14 Gracie Florianopolis’ Diego Hertzog is now up against Romulo Barral (Gracie Barra) on mat 2.

1:14 Comment From waiwai: with regards to royler debating the advantage – have decisions been reversed post match in the mudials in occasions like this?

1:14 No, I don’t think they have. I would consider it a closed case.

1:15 With less than one minute left, Calasans remains up on Leite 2-0.

1:16 Romulo Barral almost had a triangle attempt on Diego Hertzog, but Hertzog shrugged it off.

1:16 Calasans defeats Leite and advances in the brackets.

1:16 Comment From alexgb72: decisions have never been reversed post match. ever. it’s not happening

1:17 On mat 1 we have Xande Ribeiro from Gracie Humaita against Alliance’s new black belt Leonardo Nogueira!

1:18 Romulo Barral is up 2-0 over Diego Hertzog I believe. Cameras are now making it hard to see the monitor.

1:18 Xande is working an omoplata attempt here against Nogueira early on, just at the one minute mark. Nogueira escapes and is now looking to pass.

1:19 Romulo Barral is now up 9-? over Diego Hertzog.

1:20 Xande is still defending the pass against Nogueira. It’s 0-0 across the board.

1:20 Roger Gracie will be on mat 1 next. Get ready!

1:20 Comment From pesh: should be 9-2, herzog had an opening foot-sweep

1:21 Xande lands a pretty half guard sweep on Nogueira and he’s up 2-0.

1:21 Romulo Barral just tapped Diego Hertzog for the win.

1:21 Nogueira has swept Xande in return and it’s 2-2 between them.

1:22 Romulo’s victory came at 6m18s.

1:22 Alliance’s big Bernardo Faria now faces Adriano Marcel on mat 2.

1:24 Xande Ribeiro and Leo Nogueira remain tied at 2-2 after 6 minutes. Xande leads by just one advantage.

1:25 Xande now has Leo in his closed guard and they’re being restarted in the center. The time is 7m01s.

1:26 Bernardo Faria leads Adriano Marcel 2-0 after three minutes.

1:27 Xande is locking up a triangle on Nogueira!

1:27 Wow Nogueira just escaped and his face was red!

1:28 On his way out, Xande comes up and is now on top in side mount, and winning 4-2.

1:28 Nogueira doesn’t have much time. Just 30 seconds remain.

1:29 Xande is going for the mount! He gets an advantage for that, and as time runs out, Xande wins 4-2!

1:30 On mat 2, Bernardo Faria is winning 5-0.

1:30 On mat 1 we have Gracie Floripa’s Alexandre de Souza against Rodrigo Pinheiro.

1:31 Bernardo Faria is now mounted on Fabiano Souza Junior. He’s up 13-0.

1:32 And Bernardo Faria gets the tap at 6m48s. He was leading 13-0 when the end came.

1:33 Joao Assis now faces Rafael Lovato Jr. on mat 2. Looks like we will see Rodrigo Cavaca against Pe de Pano there soon!

1:34 As predicted, Joao Assis begins working toward his half guard game. Lovato Jr. is on top, trying to work the pass around Assis’ right side.

1:40 Still 0-0 between Lovato Jr and Assis after 7 minutes.

1:43 Assis is now on top with Lovato playing open guard. Lovato’s got 2 advantages and now is working on a triangle. Assis is posturing out.

1:44 Rafael Lovato Jr defeats Joao Assis after a tied match. Lovato had two advantages to Assis’ one.

1:44 Alexandre de Souza defeats Rodrigo Pinheiro.

1:45 Rodrigo Cavaca is now up against Pe de Pano, and Roger Gracie is up against Walter Vital.

1:46 Cavaca already appears to be triangling PDP! He gets the tap after 56 seconds!

1:46 Wow!

1:47 Roger Gracie is on his slow, inevitable march toward the mount against Walter Vital. Alliance’s Antonio Peinado is now up against Big Mick Wilson from Australia.

1:48 Roger’s up 7-0 now and in the mount.

1:48 Roger Gracie taps Walter Vital at 3m04s.

1:49 Hey gang I have to go eat before I jump into the live broadcast. See you soon!

1:50 Thank you for joining us here today! Make sure to watch the live stream on if you’re not already and check out the most recent episode of The FightWorks Podcast, BJJ Radio!

3 Replies to “Live Blog of the 2010 BJJ World Championship Finals”

  1. Great Job Caleb!!!!! funny video comments too, could have been a saturday night live skit at times. Great tournament , but I have to say that the advantage scoring system to be very frustrating … it really makes BJJ too much like a performance sport … seeing 2 great fighters like Kron and Moraes and others having the fight lost or won by a slim advantage is ludicrous … and it makes the fighters greedy for points…. and change the spirit also ….Jiujitsu is supposed to be characterized by its whole submission arsenal its martial dimension … and seing guys winning a fight in fancy positions without putting a end to the fight because time expired … it’s really annoying … Judo already went down to that road and lost a big chunk of its arsenal too …for the sake of the “sport”.
    other martial arts add rounds ( 2minutes each ) to really push the fighters to engage decisively to finalize the fight .

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