Tournament Review Tuesday and the 2010 BJJ World Championship

JT Torres Lloyd Irvin
Jonathan “JT” Torres on his way to capturing the silver medal for light weight brown belts at the 2009 BJJ World Championship.

Just a very quick note to confirm something I mentioned on our Sunday show about the 2010 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship and Tournament Review Tuesday (TRT) here on As you know, TRT is an opportunity for folks to share their experiences at jiu-jitsu tournaments.

If you write a review of the 2010 BJJ World Championship and we publish it, you will be sent a FightWorks Podcast Gi Patch! Generally it is expected that if you write a TRT piece for us, you will have personally participated as a competitor in the event you’re writing about, but this time, do not worry about it. We are looking to convey all experiences of the 2010 BJJ Mundials from everyone’s point of view.

(Of course, if we have to reject your article because it doesn’t meet our quality standards on the site, you won’t get a patch. But we’ve never rejected any TRT piece so I am pretty confident it won’t be an issue here. I have to say so just in case.)

Looking forward to reading what The Mighty 600,000 can share about the most exciting BJJ event in the world!

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