Let’s Grab Coffee Sunday at the 2010 BJJ World Championships

The 2010 BJJ World Championship is this coming weekend! It’s going to be very busy, with our live blog of Saturday and our appearance on Sunday’s free video stream of the action. But one thing we love about these events is the opportunity to get face to face with the Mighty 600,000.

Here’s the deal: stop in and grab a coffee with us from 8 to 8:45am at the Starbucks Cafe & Lobby Lounge inside the Long Beach Marriott at 4700 Airport Plaza Drive in Long Beach. This is the hotel that the IBJJF had hooked up with a special rate for BJJ Mundial competitors, and it’s just down the street from the 2010 Jiu-Jitsu World Championship so I hope it’s pretty convenient for people.

Please stop in and say hello. It’s really rewarding to put faces to the Mighty 600,000.

Don’t worry, we won’t be there long enough for you to miss any of the black belt action that day, which begins at 10am. But this way we get to connect with the Family a bit, generate some content for our next show, and caffeinate before another long day of BJJ reporting! See you there!

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  1. I’ll try but I’ll be coming up from San Diego. Not sure if I can actually get up there in time…

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