Interviews After Every Black Belt Final Match During IBJJF World Championships

jiu-jitsu x guard marcelo
Thiago Alves (top) defends Marcelo Garcia and his X-guard at the 2009 BJJ World Championships.

The 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship was not only the platform for some of the world’s best jiu-jitsu athletes to compete, but it was the first time that the event was made available online using streaming video. The 2010 BJJ World Championship will be streamed live online for free as well by Budo Videos. All you have to do to watch is sign up at (Full disclosure: The FightWorks Podcast will be compensated for its participation in the live broadcast on Sunday.)

But here’s an improvement over the Pan Jiu-Jitsu broadcast from April: after every final match that takes place on Sunday, there will be an interview right there in the center of the mats with the gold medal winner before the next match starts. These interviews will:

  • be broadcast live online via the live stream
  • appear on the big screen at the Long Beach Pyramid
  • and the audio will be heard through the public address system in the building

And yes, this goes for the mens and womens’ divisions!

So the event will be a little more like the combat sports coverage we’re used to with a post fight interview after the matches. Should be fun!

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