Guillotine Submission in IBJJF Tournaments


In the past 7 days there have been at least three threads on different forums where some have suggested that the guillotine is somehow no longer an acceptable submission in International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation events.

  • The Underground: Guillotine choke and rules?
  • Sherdog: So apparently the IBJJF is outlawing the standard guillotine in gi tournies …
  • EFNSports: guillotine choke now illegal with no arms in (ibjjf)

Thanks to the Mighty 600,000 for informing us of this meme. We reached out to IBJJF head referee Alvaro Mansur, to see if there was any truth to this:

There are many people who have read online that the rules regarding the guillotine choke have changed. Have there been any rule changes to the use of the guillotine this year?

Please let me know and I will post your response to let everyone know.

Mansur responded:

Caleb, the rules don´t change, you can stay calm, becouse you are right.

So everyone can relax. The rules about guillotines in IBJJF tournaments have not changed. This confirms a response I received from an IBJJF official who wrote me back to the same question, saying:

Nothing has changed

This is a lesson that when we read something that sounds unlikely, it might be a good idea to take a deep breath and wait for confirmation before announcing the death of BJJ as we know it. Heck, even if you read something crazy on our site, please question it.

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