BJJ Poll: How Often, If at All, Do You Visit/Train at BJJ Schools Other Than Your Own?

This week’s poll idea comes to us from Jon in South Carolina. Jon said, “I thought it would be an interesting topic for discussion. I know it is a touchy subject for a lot of people.”

Agreed! How about you? How often do you train at schools that are not your school? Let us know by voting and in the comments for this poll.

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Often, If at All, Do You Visit/Train at BJJ Schools Other Than Your Own?”

  1. I attend open mat at a friends school once a week. I like the variation in training partners plus the school is only nogi, and I never train nogi, so its nice to brush up. In the academy I call home you are allowed to visit open mat, but you are not allowed to take classes from other academies. (you will get booted out if you do)

  2. I think the way the sport is going now, you should train at other schools sometimes. I’m not saying go everyweek to two or three schools. I think by going to other schools helps your game out alot, you can see were your weak areas are with some people outside your school without having to go to a tourniment. I do think you should let your school know that you train at other school sometimes.

  3. I’ve mainly visited other schools when I’ve traveled, although I did accompany a friend to another local school just to see what their classes were like. I enjoyed the perspective I got. What I found interesting, though is that instructors here didn’t seem too bothered about their students training at other schools occasionally…depending on the affiliation and relationship they have with those instructors.

    The issue I could see for a practitioner who school hops is when it comes to belt promotions. For example, I can see it causing problems to accept a blue belt from one coach, then accept a purple belt from another coach in the same geographic area, while training at both schools. I know at least at my school, that would not be acceptable.

  4. It would also be interesting to have the option: “I wouldn’t mind visiting other academies in my area, but I am not aware of any”.

    Maybe an idea for a future poll? (other than where you regularly train, how many local academies do you know of within a xxx radius?)

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