BJJ Poll: What Do You Do with Your Wedding Ring/Band When Training BJJ?

This poll comes to us courtesy of Liam over on Part Time Grappler. He writes:

I’m married myself and started BJJ before getting married, so I actually asked the jewellers to make sure my model and size fits in such a way that it couldn’t catch any flesh or cloth under it nor cause any scrapes. I hope you use the idea as it would also answer how large a percentage of the listeners are married 🙂

When I wrote Liam back and thanked him for offering this poll idea, he said he would be “chuffed” if we used it. I don’t know what chuffed means but I presume it’s a good thing. Thanks Liam!

10 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What Do You Do with Your Wedding Ring/Band When Training BJJ?”

  1. I’m married, and so is my father and my grandfather and none of us wear wedding rings. You could have included that in the poll as the fourth option because some of us just don’t wear them. So even though I train BJJ I can’t honestly participate in your poll. I will catch the next one.

  2. My ring is very plain and small, so I usually wear it when training and competing. The Pan was the first tournament to insist I either take it off or tape it on. I took it off.

    I have a lovely engagement ring but can’t wear it– training too much and my fingers grew 🙁

  3. I couldn’t vote since I don’t fall into any of the answers so I thought I would share my comments. My first year of marriage while I was training I lost (or it was stolen) my wedding ring after taking it off and putting it in my bag…from that point I just went and got a wedding ring tattoo with my wife’s name. So I am married, but no longer have to wear a wedding ring to be concerned with while training.

    With that said I am trying to figure out how I would vote for this poll, but I guess if I still had a ring I would suggest leaving it on so it doesn’t get lost or stolen.

    Thanks Caleb and keep up the good work you do!!

  4. TAKE THE RING OFF, for safety reasons first, rings can scratch or pinch no matter how plain.

    But also for the safety of the person wearing the ring, a training partner at my gym got his finger stuck in a gi fold while playing spider guard and his ring finger got bent/twisted. The next day the finger was so swollen he had to go to his local firehouse to get the ring cut off.

  5. Haha this made me so “chuffed” and then filled me with laughter. Once again Caleb, thanks for the poll. I’m curious about this from many angles (how many listeners are married/wear a wedding band, how do they approach this particular question…etc.)

    Tom’s comment above brought something to the table I had never thought about. I was pretty sure that since my ring can’t cause anyone any harm it’s cool to keep it on but never thought about this scenario. Thanks Tom.

  6. Since having kids, none of my rings (or shoes from pre-kids) fit any longer – all my joints expanded.

    My husband DOES where his ring, so I voted for him. It’s never been an issue.

  7. I take mine off but have forgotten to put it back on many times. I train x3-4 a week so it is more likely off my finger than on it. A wedding tattoo band is a good idea. My instructor cannot take his off due to callouses on his knuckle bone (from grappling he thinks or just old age LOL) so he tapes his up.

  8. I’ve hurt a couple of my fingers rolling, and I take my ring of, because I’m scared that my finger will swell up while I have the ring on, and something horrible will happen.

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