2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship Final Day

2010 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship Final Day Transcript

9:04 Hey we are live! The action has already begun in the final day of the 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship!

9:05 Fabio Leopoldo (Gracie Barra) is up 2-0 on an unknown opponent, and on top in half guard working the pass.

9:07 7 of the 8 mats are already underway, all black belts.

9:08 On mat 5 Nakapan is up 5-0 over an unknown opponent.

9:08 Fabio Leopoldo (Gracie Barra) is winning 4-2 over his opponent after 5 minutes.

9:09 Dustin Ware wins after 5m48s.

9:10 These are the black belt Masters divisions, in case you were wondering.

9:14 Eric Burdo is up on mat 1. He’s swept early and is down 2-0.

9:14 Richmond’s Eric Burdo has his guard passed and is now down by 5.

9:15 San Diego’s Baret Yoshida is pacing back and forth in anticipation of his match.

9:16 Eric Burdo is defending a pretty deep armlock…

9:16 His opponent sinks it at 2m59 seconds.

9:17 Baret Yoshida is now up on mat 1 against an unidentified Gracie Barra opponent who gets an immediate 2 points from a sweep.

9:18 Baret Yoshida is now on his back and beginning to work his dangerous guard. A triangle may be on the way…

9:19 For a moment Baret Yoshida had the choke sunk but his opponent pulled out.

9:20 Uh oh, Baret Yoshida has his dangerous crucifix working on his opponent, now identified as Cristiano Oliveira (Gracie Barra).

9:20 Oliveira remains up 2-0 but he is in big danger.

9:21 Baret Yoshida has sunk the hooks on Cristiano Oliveira and now leads 4-2 after 4m20s.

9:22 Baret Yoshida (Undisputed) sinks the choke at 4m35s and Cristiano Oliveira (Gracie Barra) is eliminated.

9:23 Comment From Matt: Olveira nickname is buddy joe he used to me my instructor

9:24 Baret Yoshida will now face Alexander Crispim.

9:25 Comment From Mattought you were going to be commentating Caleb.. oh and what time do the adult open class start?

9:25 I will be commentating the live broadcast at 5pm when all the finals are held.

9:27 Comment From Kevin Howell: who’s fighting on the webcast? (royler patch vs blank gi)

9:27 Hey Kevin, sorry I do not know him.

9:28 Kevin that was Gracie Humaita’s JW Wright.

9:28 Comment From charles: caleb do we know when kyron will fight? or Kron? Now if those two fight that would be so sick

9:30 Comment From dokomoy: charles black middle should start around 12:30(pacific time)

9:30 Dokomoy is correct.

9:30 Comment From Kevin Howellll: Looking forward to your live commentary Caleb!

9:30 Comment From Matt in OR: is there anywhere we can find the brown absolute brackets up?

9:30 Matt I doubt it.

9:32 Renato Tavares is warming up for action on mat 1.

9:33 Heavyweight Roberto Godoi of Godoi Jiu-Jitsu is taking mat 8 right now in the white gi.

9:35 Godoi is on top in half guard going for the pass, which he gets and is now up 3-0 after 90 seconds.

9:36 Godoi gets the tap at 2m59s.

9:36 Comment From dokomoy: Are they going to be showing the same mat all day, or will they switch from mat to mat based on matchup(especially once the adult starts)??

9:37 I believe they will be switching between mats but I don’t know the exact criteria they’ll use to decide what they’ll show.

9:37 Comment From abdullahwhos got the white bandahe on his head

9:38 That was Mauricio Souza of Bon-Sai Jiu-Jitsu.

9:38 Comment From drad in canadanada: caleb want to say thanks for doing this again, we really appreciate it, but is it me or is budolink down?

9:39 The budovideos feed is live for me right now, shoing Alliance’s Babs Olusanmokun standing in his opponent’s guard.

9:39 Renato Tavares is on top in his opponent’s guard on mat one.

9:40 Comment From malfactor Keep me updated on Renato please. malfactor

9:40 Alliance’s Babs Olusanmokun wins agaionst his unknown opponent.

9:41 Renato Tavares’ opponent is Luiz Vicente da Silva Jr.

9:41 Comment From charles: that was a sick arm-bar

9:41 Comment From dokomoy: that armbar was sick nasty

9:42 Renato Tavares is on his back on bottom against Luiz Vicente da Silva Jr. (De La Riva).

9:43 GB’s Ulpiano Malachias is up on mat 6 and winning 2-0.

9:44 Luiz Vicente da Silva Jr. defeats Renato Tavares by advantages.

9:44 Baret Yoshida is now up against Alexander Crispim.

9:45 Comment From malfactor Damn. Thanks for the update Caleb. malfactor

9:46 Alexander Crispim sweeps Baret Yoshida and is now up 2-0.

9:46 Dustin Ware now faces a similarly large American Top Team opponent.

9:48 Comment From abdullahi think that the att guy that dustin is facing is luigi modelli

9:48 Yes thank you Abdullah, that’s who it is.

9:49 Nakapan is eliminated. Sorry, didn’t see what happened.

9:50 Baret Yoshida remains down 2-0 against Alexander Crispim in the final minute.

9:51 Alexander Crispim defeats Baret Yoshida 2-0 and is flipping around the mats.

9:51 Babs Olusanmokun is up on mat 2 now against an opponent from Rocha Jiu-Jitsu.

9:53 Luigi Mondelli defeats Dustin Ware on advantages.

9:53 Babs Olusanmokun is almost mounted on his opponent.

9:54 On mat 8 we have a final match between Fabio Leopoldo and Roberto Godoi!

9:54 Babs Olusanmokun is now going after his opponent’s foot.

9:55 Babs Olusanmokun stands up, declaring victory.

9:55 Roberto Godoi gets the takedown on Fabio Leopoldo and is up 2-0. Leopoldo is furiously avoiding the pass!

9:57 Godoi continues to try to pass Leopoldo’s guard.

9:59 Comment From Arash www.budovideos.com isn’t loading, must be flooded.

9:59 It’s working for me, I’ll ask the guys…

10:00 Tony Passos is now up against Megaton opponent on mat 4.

10:00 Fabio Leopoldo gets teh sweep on Godoi! It’s tied in the final minute!

10:01 Tony Passos beats his opponent from Megaton / Humaita.

10:01 In the final moment there’s a tie between Leopoldo and Godoi, but advantages…??

10:01 The judge raises Leopoldo’s hand!

10:02 A mix of protest and cheers pours from the stands.

10:03 Alexander Crispim will now face Luiz Vicente da Silva.

10:04 I let the Budo gang know, I will let you know if I learn anything else.

10:07 Luiz Vicente da Silva and Alexander Crispim have begun on mat 1.

10:08 Alliance’s Babs Olusanmokun now faces Alan Correa.

10:08 Babs Olusanmokun (Alliance, blue gi) gets the takedown on Alan Correa (Guigo Jiu-Jitsu).

10:10 Comment From Cameron: Stream just went down… you know what happenned?? Cameron

10:10 The guys from Budo Video are aware and are working on it, sit tight!

10:11 Gracie Humaita’s JW Wright jumps up in victory over his American Top Team opponent after 2m26s.

10:11 Babs Olusanmokun and Alan Correa are being restarted in the middle after a gi fixing.

10:12 Comment From Cameron: It’s back :] Cameron

10:14 Alexander Crispim is tied against Luiz Vicente da Silva and wins by one advantage as time runs out.

10:14 Babs Olusanmokun is working a standing pass against Alan Correa.

10:15 Liugi Mondelli is now up on mat 7.

10:16 Babs Olusanmokun defeats Alan Correa. Can’t see the scoreboard.

10:16 Comment From dcg: Can’t get to graceimag.com nor budovideos. Anyone else having same problems?

10:18 Luigi Mondelli is on top in 1/2 guard over an unknown opponent. The score is tied.

10:19 Mondelli and his opponent both share one advantage but it’s otherwise tied.

10:27 Only two mats underway right now. I don’t know what happened to Mondelli, sorry gang.

10:28 Tony Passos is up on mat 4 against an unknown opponent in a white gi.

10:28 Passos is up 6-0 after a sweep and quick mount. His opponent has now escaped.

10:29 Passos is now on top in half guard.

10:29 Comment From Guesteb are you doing play-by-play while Shawn Williams does color commentary? How is that working? Also where is Shawn training/teaching now?

10:30 Shawn and I are indeed co-commentating later today. We’ll probably share those roles.

10:30 Comment From Guestts the word on lovato jr?

10:31 Rafael Lovato Jr did not compete yesterday in the absolute but he is scheduled to fight at his weight today.

10:31 Comment From Guestat job Caleb. you guys know if the streaming is up?

10:31 No not sure, I know they are working hard on that…

10:34 Tony Passos defeats his opponent.

10:36 Comment From Guest’s up in the absolute today Caleb?

10:36 Absolute black belt final is Alliance’s Bernardo Farias and Gordo Jiu-Jitsu’s Antonio Braga Neto.

10:37 That will be the last match of the day probably.

10:37 Other schedule notes: black belt male rooster through medium heavy starts at 12:20.

10:38 Comment From HobertI – Budovideos is back up for me. Hobert

10:38 Comment From Guesteam is up again

10:39 Noah Booth is up on mat 2, not sure of his opponent.

10:39 Mauricio Ferrandis (Humaita) now faces Cassio Werneck in the final on mat 5.

10:41 It’s a tie 0-0 between Ferrandis and Werneck after one minute.

10:42 Comment From Guest mighty 600,000 can overwhelm any live stream

10:42 I hope not!

10:42 The stream is back up and running for me!

10:43 The one you see being attended to by the medics is Gracie Humaita’s Mauricio Ferrandis. I do not know what happened but the score is 2-0 in favor of Cassio Werneck.

10:44 Luigi Mondelli (ATT) is now up against Moacir Oliveira (Brotherhood BJJ).

10:44 Comment From franckparently we are really 600 000

10:44 Comment From Jamest’s the word on Roberto Camargo Alencar and Rafael de Freitas? James

10:44 James those guys don’t fight till 2:20pm.

10:45 A long haired Kurt Osiander is now up against a Gracie Humaita opponent.

10:46 Babs Olusanmokun (Alliance) now faces Joao Cunha (Pit Bull BJJ) on mat 5 for the gold.

10:46 Mondelli and Oliveira are tied 0-0 after 2 minutes.

10:46 Comment From guestked like werneck did something to his arm/shoulder when ferrandis was in turtle

10:47 On mat 1 we have the featherweight final. Alexandre Crispim against BonSai’s Mauricio Souza. Souza is wearing the bandage on his head.

10:48 Babs Olusanmokun and Joao Cunha are tied 0-0 after 2 minutes.

10:49 You are seeing Mondelli (blue gi) vs Oliveira (white) on mat 7. It’s tied0-0 there.

10:49 Babs Olusanmokun was taken down by Joao Cunha. He’s down 0-2.

10:50 Cunha is up 6-0 over Olusanmokun.

10:51 Moacir Oliveira defeats Luigi Mondelli by one advantage in an otherwise uneventful match.

10:52 Joao Cunha is still up 6-0 over Babs Olusanmokun in the closing minute.

10:53 Joao Cunha defeats Babs Olusanmokun 6-0 for the title.

10:53 Comment From CHOKE420: Hi Caleb. First of all, THANKS for doing this, you rock! This might be a stupid question but has Kron competed yet? If so, how did he do?

10:54 Thanks for the kind words Choke. The black belt adults do not begin until 12:20. The finals begin at 5pm.

10:55 Alexander Crispim defeats Mauricio Souza 2-0.

10:55 Comment From Guestts the link to watch live coverage?

10:55 http://budovideos.com/online

10:58 Comment From abdullahosiander was fighting rocha

10:58 Comment From Guestnks – fightpodcast rules!!! legends

10:58 Yes I just spoke with Osiander. He lost by one advantage.

10:59 Paulo Guilobel (Humaita) is up on mat 3, holding his opponent in closed guard.

11:00 Guillobel just went for an armbar from full guard but had to release it.

11:00 Just two matches underway right now.

11:02 On mat two, we have a final between James Gardner (Pedro Sauer) vs Eduardo Leitao.

11:02 Dave Jacobs (Yakasaki) is now up on mat 7 against an Alliance opponent.

11:04 Jacobs remains tied 0-0 after 90 seconds against Tommy Malmberg.

11:06 Jacobs is now down 2-0 after a takedown. They’re restarted in the center in his full guard.

11:07 Cleber Luciano is now up against Maajid Al-Kush.

11:08 Sean Bansfield is now up against Eduardo Rocha (Gracie Humaita).

11:09 Tommy Malmberg (Alliance) defeats Dave Jacobs (Yamasaki) 2-0.

11:10 Billy Dowey now faces Leo Dalla. That’s what you seen on the screen.

11:10 Comment From Andyus know how that Cleber fight goes if you can.

11:10 Bansfield is tied 0-0 with Rocha after 90 seconds.

11:11 Maajid Al-Kush is playing open guard with Cleber Luciano. Can’t see the score from here but I believe Cleber received an advantage.

11:11 Sean Bansfield is up by one advantage over Eduardo Rocha but they’re otherwise tied after 2m20s.

11:12 Dalla is on his back with Dowey in closed guard. It’s still tied 0-0.

11:12 Cleber Luciano just received another advantage over Maajid Al-Kush.

11:13 Bansfield maintains his single advantage over Rocha.

11:13 Leo Dalla defeats Billy Dowey on mat 8.

11:14 Maajid Al-Kush is defeated by Cleber Luciano. The score was 2-2 and Cleber had 2 advantages.

11:14 Rocha and Bansfield now both have one advantage.

11:15 Antonio “Tony” Passos is now up against Joao Faria on mat 4.

11:15 Time is up in the Bansfield / Rocha match and Rocha’s hand is raised; he wins by referee decision.

11:16 Joao Faria jumps a flying triangle on Tony Passos! Passos is defending but it is deep!

11:16 Passos makes it out!!

11:17 Passos and Faria are restarted in the center.

11:17 Passos is on top in front of Faria’s open guard.

11:19 Robin Gieseler is in action on mat 6 against an unknown opponent.

11:19 Joao (“Johnny”) Faria and Tony Passos have been restarted after Passos received medical attention for a moment.

11:20 Robin Gieseler’s guard was passed and he’s now defending side mount. He’s down 3-0.

11:21 For all you guys asking about Kron Gracie – the black belt adults do not begin until 12:20!

11:23 Robin Gieseler loses on points.

11:23 Johnny Faria is defending an aggressive pass from Tony Passos as time winds down…

11:24 Comment From Andy: point out thats PST in case their elsewhere

11:24 Yes that is 12:20 pacific time, so in about one hour. (Thanks Andy).

11:24 Johnny Faria gets 2 points in the closing moments of his match against Tony Passos.

11:25 Faria is the winner and Gracie Humaita earns another medal. Saulo Ribeiro claps and smiles from the sidelines.

11:26 He’s the 2010 Masters middleweight champion.

11:27 Ronald Assumpçao is up against Roberto Traven on mat 2. Traven’s on top in half guard.

11:28 Roberto Traven defeats Ronald Assumpçao.

11:29 Andrei Andrezzo (Cia Paulista) is now up against Tommy Malmberg (Alliance).

11:31 Malmberg is on top in 1/2 guard against Andrezzo.

11:33 Admilson Brites wins his division.

11:35 Tommy Malmberg (Alliance) defeats Andrei Andrezzo (Cia Paulista) by one advantage.

11:35 Comment From the grappling dummying dummy: yo caleb! good job my man. i just jumped on. did i miss brown belts? any word on oli geddes? the grappling dummy

11:36 Sorry grappling dummy I don’t have any update on him.

11:37 Comment From abdullaholi lost

11:38 Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller is up on mat 5. He’s the instructor of guys like Bill “The Grill” Cooper and Jeff Glover.

11:38 Comment From Ciaranread on the EFN forum that Ollie lost is the first round to the eventual silver meddalist.

11:39 Franjinha and his opponent remain tied at zero after 90 seconds. They’re still standing.

11:40 Rock n roll drummer from Poison Rikki Rocket is in teh blue gi on the live stream right now.

11:41 Rocket, from Renato Magno’s Street Sports Jiu-Jitsu pulls guard but it’s passed and he’s now down 3-0.

11:42 Eduardo Rocha (Gracie Humaita) is now up against Charles Faria Correa (Godoi).

11:42 Comment From the grappling dummying dummy: he looks rock and roll

11:43 Franjinha is stil tied 0-0 against his opponent.

11:44 Charles Faria Correa defeats Eduardo Rocha.

11:44 Rikki Rocket is now down 10-0.

11:45 Cleber Luciano is back in action on mat 4.

11:45 Time expires and Rikki Rocket loses 14-0. Sorry I don’t know his opponent’s name.

11:47 Cleber Luciano is on top working to pass his opponent’s half guard.

11:50 Paulo Guillobel takes mat 3 in the black gi.

11:50 Cleber Luciano is protesting a call on mat 4 and head referee Alvaro Mansur makes his way over there.

11:52 Cleber Luciano continues his protest, but the ref’s decision stands. He is eliminated.

11:54 Paulo Guillobel finishes his Gracie Barra opponent by bow and arrow choke.

11:54 I just learned that Cleber Luciano was disqualified for reaping the knee.

11:55 Comment From Matt in OR: Was it from 50/50?

11:55 I did not see it, so I can’t say Matt, sorry.

11:58 To folks who have just joined: the black belt adult males are scheduled to begin in about 20 minutes.

12:07 Off the mats, Rickson Gracie’s getting stopped and having his picture taken often with fans.

12:09 Ricardo Medina is up against Aldo Filho now on mat 8.

12:11 Aldo Filho is tied 0-0 against Ricardo Medina. They both have one advantage point.

12:12 Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller is preparing to step onto mat 5 again.

12:12 Comment From dokomoy: Caleb – do you happen to have the results for senior 2 middle heavy?

12:12 Guys I’m sorry but if I didn’t type it out here there’s a good chance I have no idea what happened 🙂

12:12 Comment From Guest: quick question what is reaping the knee?

12:13 Anyone want to take that one while we wait for the black belt adults to begin?

12:13 Jack McVicker is up against Paulo Guillobel!

12:13 Comment From dokomoy: thanks, for the info anyway 🙂

12:15 Comment From jason: reaping the knee is a twisting attack on the knee. illegal. jason

12:15 Ricardo Medina defeats Aldo Filho 3-0.

12:15 Yah, so for the “Reaping the knee”… imagine when you heel hook someone and you throw your foot over your opponent’s hip to apply the torque. That endangers the knee and is an immediate disqualification.

12:16 BRB gang, I am going to take this chance to hit the restroom before the adults begin!

12:19 Paulo Guillobel defeats Jack McVicker.

12:19 Comment From dokomoy: piggybacking on what jason and caleb said you can cross your “inside” leg to the outside, but not the “outside leg” in.

12:19 Comment From Andy: now once every thing gets going everybody wants to know about the Adult Middle weights but if you can keep an eye on Theodor Canal in the Featherweight division I would appreciate it

12:20 Franjinha is up in his match 9-0.

12:21 I saw Octavio Sousa warming up with Kayron Gracie. Things are getting started here soon…

12:23 Franjinha wins his match on points.

12:25 Comment From spider riccoco: I thought he won by baseball bat choke

12:25 Sorry if I got that wrong!

12:26 Remember gang at 5pm today the finals begin and at that point I should be commentating with Budo Videos at budovideos.com/online (in case you’re not already watching their coverage there).

12:31 Comment From fernando: has adults rooster started yet?

12:32 No actually I think the very first adult black belt match just started. When I figure out who they are I will let you know.

12:33 Carlos Holanda is now up against Laercio Fernandes.

12:33 Comment From dokomoy: caleb the guy on budovideos said it’s daniel beleza and Joao Paulo Kuraoko

12:34 Carlos Holanda is playing leg spaghetti with Laercio Fernandes.

12:35 Otavio Sousa is now up against…. name on the way.

12:36 Sousa is up 2-0 over his opponent.

12:37 Sousa is now winning 5-0.

12:37 Brad Court is up on mat 1.

12:38 Sousa is up 12-0 over his opponent now.

12:38 You can see Otavio Sousa now on the screen in mount.

12:39 Comment From abdullah: thats a crazy mount

12:39 Comment From Charles: Go professor Otavio

12:40 Sousa’s opponet (I believe it’s Cameron Apple) appears to be choked out.

12:42 A disadvantage for Brad Court and his opponent.

12:44 Brad Court is now winning 2-0.

12:44 6 minutes in and Brad Court pulls guard on his opponent. It remains 2-0 in his favor.

12:46 Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda wins his first match and eliminates Laercio Fernandes.

12:46 Comment From Mr. Brian Come on Supreme Court!

12:46 After 7m45s Court is still up 2-0 and holding his opponent in closed guard.

12:48 uh oh…

12:48 In the Court match, his opponent was disqualified for stalling.

12:49 Joel Tudor’s now up against GB’s Rodrigo Freitas.

12:50 Tudor is on top in the black gi. For those who don’t know him, he’s a world champion surfer from San Diego who earned his black belt in the last couple years.

12:50 Freitas slaps on a footlock and Tudor taps quickly.

12:51 Joao Silva is now up against Daniel Tavares.

12:52 Megaton is taking it to Fabio Passos. They’re now restarted standing in the middle.

12:53 Wellington “Megaton” Dias (Humaita) is on top in half guard over Fabio Passos (Alliance).

12:53 Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller is now up against Choi Louis for the gold in their division.

12:54 Chewy Ibarra is now up against a Saulo Ribeiro jiu-jitsu competitor.

12:55 Mike Fowler (Llyod Irvin) is now up against Marcelo Mafra (Check Mat).

12:55 Franjinha is up 2-0 in his match against Louis.

12:56 Megaton remains on top in 1/2 guard over Passos.

12:56 Marcelo Mafra defeats Mike Fowler at the 1m11s mark. Fowler protests that he did not tap.

12:57 Fowler remains on the mat protesting. Was it a DQ for reaping the knee?

12:58 Fowler takes his case to Alvaro Mansur, the head referee.

12:59 A moppy-haired Megaton remains on top in 1/2 guard with his Alliance opponent Passos.

12:59 Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller wins his match against Choi Louis.

1:00 Abmar Barbosa is up against Rodrigo Texeira.

1:00 Joao Silva is armbarred by Daniel Tavares.

1:01 Megaton and Passos are still in action.

1:03 Abmar Barbosa defeats Rodrigo Texeira.

1:03 Megaton wins in his match against Fabio Passos of Alliance.

1:03 Kron Gracie is now on the mat against Rodrigo Costa.

1:04 Kron is up on top in half guard against Rodrigo Costa of Gracie Barra.

1:04 Comment From fernando: Felipe Costa won his match and advanced to the finals

1:05 Rodrigo Costa (GB) moves to deep half guard and appears to want the far side armbar. Costa is known for a very tough guard.

1:06 Costa dumps Kron over and now Kron’s got Costa in full guard.

1:06 Kron sinks the armbar at 2m42s!

1:07 Kron will now face Abmar Barbosa in his next match.

1:07 Comment From abdullah: sick armbar

1:11 Lucas Leite (Check Mat) is now up against Carlos Sievert (GB).

1:11 Comment From abdullahis that bruno amoriom in the blue gi?

1:11 No I do not believe Amorim has been out on the mat yet.

1:11 Comment From Ross Finlayson: Thx for blogging, Caleb. When announcing the start of the match, please include the mat # if you can (for those of us in the audience)

1:11 I will try Ross!

1:12 Sergio Moraes (Alliance) is now up on mat 8 against Ben Thompson.

1:12 Lucas Leite chokes Carlos Sievert at the 1m19s mark and advances.

1:14 Ben Thompson is still tied on mat 8 with Sergio Moraes after 3m05.

1:16 Sergio Moraes is now up 2-0 over Ben Thompson on mat 8.

1:17 Moraes has now mounted Thompson and the score is 9-0.

1:18 I do not recall seeing Moraes in competition in full mount so it will be interesting to see what he does next.

1:18 And there’s my answer. He gets the ezekiel choke at 6m17s.

1:19 Comment From abdullah: interesting to see how kayron will do in his first black belt comp

1:19 Kayron Gracie is now in action on mat 8 against an unknown opponent.

1:21 Kayron’s opponent is trying to a foot lock, but Kayron manages to get a sweep out of the situation. He’s up 2-0 after 2 minutes.

1:23 Kayron mounts! He’s up 9-0.

1:23 Kayron has driven the score up to 13-0 and gets the choke from the mount at 3m43s!

1:24 Otavio Souza is now up against Cameron Diffley.

1:24 Sonny Nohara is in action on mat 2, cheered on by Robert Drysdale.

1:25 Otavio Sousa vs Cameron Diffley is on mat 6.

1:25 Comment From Csimamora That was textbook by Kayron! Pass to to mount to cross collar choke.

1:26 JT Torres (Lloyd Irvin) is on mat 5 with Marcio Sato.

1:27 Andre de Freitas is up against Henryque Pofahl (GB) on mat 3. de Freitas is in the blue gi, playing guard.

1:28 Otavio Sousa is tied against Cameron Diffley after 2m40s, 0-0.

1:28 Comment From David Wolf: Any update on Fowler? is he going to be able to compete again?

1:28 It looks as if Fowler is done for the day.

1:29 Sousa is trying to sweep Diffley from full guard.

1:29 Abmar Barbosa vs Kron Gracie on mat 7!

1:30 Sonny Nohara gets two points for the sweep.

1:30 Andre de Freitas continues playing guard against Henryque Pofahl.

1:30 Barbosa is playing guard against Kron. One minute in and the score is tied 0-0.

1:31 Otavio Sousa is up 2-0 over Cameron Diffley.

1:31 JT Torres wins against the Godoi opponent.

1:32 Sonny Nohara wins.

1:32 Still 0-0 between Abmar Barbosa and Kron Gracie after 2m46s. Kron continues trying to pass.

1:33 Sousa remains up 2-0 over Diffley after 7 minutes, and he’s on top in half guard.

1:34 de Freitas remains playing guard against Pofahl but gets a sweep and 2 points.

1:34 Brad Court is now up against a Gracie Barra opponent, Rodrigo Freitas.

1:34 Barbosa gets the sweep and is up 2-0 over Kron Gracie.

1:36 Barbosa sweeps again and is now up 4-0 over Kron Gracie. Time 6m14s.

1:36 Sousa is choking Diffley from the mount as time expires. He wins 9-0.

1:37 Kron is passed again and the score is 7-0. Now Barbosa is taking his back! He’s running up the score on Kron! It’s 11-0! The time is 7m40s!

1:38 Kron had a deep kneebar a few moments ago that almost sunk but after losing it Barbosa is on a tear.

1:38 Court and Freitas are tied 0-0.

1:38 Kron is on top in guard and there’s one minute left.

1:39 Kron is now trying to pass but Barbosa has a very tricky guard!

1:40 As time runs out Abmar Barbosa shakes his fist in victory!

1:40 Barbosa just eliminated one of the favorites in the middle weight division!

1:42 Wow my heart is still beating out of my chest right now.

1:42 Brad Court continues in his battle against Rodrigo Freitas. He’s up 2-0 but Freitas almost passes.

1:42 Comment From Charles: wow great job to barbosa

1:43 Freitas gets 3 points and he’s up over Court.

1:43 Now it’s 5-2 in Freitas’ favor over Court.

1:44 Michael Langhi (Alliance) is getting ready for action on mat 1, Fabio Gurgel is on the side ready to coach.

1:44 Samir Chantre is eliminated.

1:45 Kayron Gracie is up on mat 8 against Marcelo Mafra of CheckMat.

1:45 Michael Langhi is no in action against an unknown opponent in the blue gi on mat 1.

1:47 Fabio Holanda (CheckMat) is in action in the blue gi on mat 2.

1:47 Bill Cooper’s up on mat 5 against Yoshinobu Kakizaw .

1:48 Kayron Gracie is still tied 0-0 across the board with Marcelo Mafra.

1:48 Kayron is restarted in the middle of the mats inside Mafra’s guard.

1:49 Bill “The Grill” Cooper beats Yoshinobu Kakizaw.

1:49 Comment From Guest: Mafra is lapella, right?

1:49 Yes Marcelo Mafra is also known as “Lapela”.

1:50 Carlos Holanda is playing in front of his opponent’s open guard on mat 2.

1:51 Otavio Sousa is now up on mat 6.

1:51 Michael Langhi is now up 6-2 against his opponent.

1:52 Langhi gets the tap after taking his opponent’s back.

1:52 Ryan Hall is about to step onto mat 1.

1:52 Lucas Leite now faces an unknown opponent on mat 7.

1:53 Kayron’s still tied with Marcel Mafra but is up on advantages 5-0.

1:54 Comment From No Marcelo Garcia: Has Cobrinha fought yet and if so how did he do?

1:54 I haven’t seen Cobrinha yet.

1:54 Sousa is up 8-0 over his opponent, looking very tough as always.

1:55 Otavio Sousa just tapped his opponent at the 8-0 mark.

1:56 Sergio Banini just beat Matheus Henrique (Gracie Fighter) by gi choke.

1:58 Ryan Hall is now up against Theodoro Canal on mat 1. Ryan’s in the white gi.

1:58 Kayron Gracie just defeated Marcelo Mafra by advantages.

1:59 Carlos Holanda just won his match.

1:59 Comment From drewinha on 4 drew

1:59 Thanks Drew. Yes Cobrinha is on top working to pass his opponent’s guard on mat 4.

2:00 Megaton’s up on mat 2 against a GB opponent.

2:00 Lucas Leite is up 2-0 over his opponent on mat 7.

2:00 Comment From David Wolf: How did Ryan Hall win his first match? David Wolf

2:01 Ryan Hall is in action right now and tied 2-2 against Teodoro Canal.

2:01 Sergio Moraes wins! Cobrinha wins!

2:02 JT Torres is up against Lucas Lepri in the blue gi on mat 5!

2:03 Megaton’s trying a standing pass against his GB opponent.

2:04 JT Torres and Lucas Lepri still tied at 0-0 after 2m33s.

2:05 Still tied 2-2 between Teodoro Canal and Ryan Hall. Less than 2 minutes left there. Hall is being coached by Brasa’s Felipe Costa.

2:05 Lucas Leite wins his match just 2-0 after ten minutes. Very close there.

2:06 Still 0-0 between Lepri and Torres on mat 5. Torres is playing spider guard.

2:07 Ryan Hall loses by one advantage after ten minutes with Teodoro Canal, a very experienced competitor from Brasil.

2:08 Michael Langhi (Alliance) is now going against Rodrigo Freitas of GB on mat 1.

2:09 Lucas Lepri leads JT Torres 2-0 after 7 minutes.

2:10 Lucas Lepri just passed JT Torres’ guard and is now up 5-0 after 8m15s. This place is getting loud!

2:11 Rafael Freitas (not Rodrigo) of GB defeats Wellington “Megaton” Dias in a barnburner. How those two get that much energy is a mystery.

2:12 Caio Terra now takes tha mat against Sonny Nohara.

2:12 Michael Langhi and Rodrigo Freitas are still tied 0-0 after 6 minutes.

2:13 Lucas Lepri is working a choke from half guard over JT Torres but time expires and he wins 5-2.

2:13 Caio Terra triangles Sonny Nohara early into their match.

2:14 Rodrigo Freitas is up 2-0 over Michael Langhi on mat 1.

2:14 Sergio Moraes now faces Kayron Gracie on mat 8!!!

2:15 Michael Langhi has now tied it 2-2! He’s leading on advantages!

2:15 Bill “The Grill” Cooper is awaiting an opponent on mat 5.

2:16 Alliance is going crazy next to me cheering Michael Langhi on mat 1! My ears hurt from their screaming!

2:16 Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro is up on mat 7.

2:17 Sergio Moraes and Kayron Gracie are still tied 0-0 after 2m32s.

2:17 Michael Langhi sinks the choke on Rodrigo Freitas at the 9 minute mark.
The score was 5-2.

2:18 Watching those sort of matches give me high blood pressure.

2:18 Bill Cooper is beating his opponent 4-2.

2:19 Still tied 0-0 between Kayron Gracie and Sergio Moraes on mat 8.

2:21 After 5m30s Kayron and Sergio are tied 0-0 across the board.

2:22 Kayron Gracie just gets the advantage for a near takedown against Sergio

2:23 The girls are getting warmed up…

2:23 Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda pulls guard against his opponent.

2:24 Alliance’s “Soluco” di Pierro has just entered the mats on mat 6. He’s wearing the blue gi.

2:25 Bill Cooper is still up 6-4.

2:25 Kayron is leading by one advantage as time runs out. This will be a major upset!

2:26 He’s seconds away from beating a middleweight world champion!

2:26 The Gracie Barra crew is going crazy!

2:26 In Kayron’s first match as a black belt he’s eliminated a major player!

2:27 Sorry not his first match, but his debut tournament as a black belt.

2:27 Comment From Ciaranw – what a result! Ciaran

2:27 Comment From Csimamora Nice work, Kayron! Csimamora

2:28 Lucas Leite has to fight Abmar Barbosa, and the winner of that will fight Kayron.

2:28 Comment From spider riccoco: gracie jj is back baby

2:30 Comment From josenew on javi vasquez? jose

2:30 I have not seen Javi yet but I might have missed it…

2:31 Alliance’s Antonio Carlos Peinado aka “Batista” is winning 8-0 over his opponent on mat 7.

2:32 Christy Thomas (Relson Gracie) is up 2-0 over her oponent in the blue gi.

2:32 Antonio Carlos Peinado is mounted and working for a submission on mat 7. He’s up 8-0.

2:32 Comment From marcon do the heavy wheights fight? marco

2:32 The heavier guys have started now.

2:33 Leo Nogueira (Alliance) is up against Nick Kline.

2:34 I am sorry; I don’t know if there was a mistake or what but now it appears Christy Thomas is down 2-0 at 5m45s.

2:35 Antonio Carlos Peinado “Batista” is now fighting Asa Fuller on mat 7.

2:35 Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda defeated his opponent.

2:36 Antonio Carlos Peinado “Batista” has been beating Asa Fuller this whole time. Sorry, I didn’t know it was Asa under there.

2:36 Luanna Alzuguir (Alliance) is up against Sophie McDermott (Drysdale) on mat 5.

2:37 Antonio Carlos Peinado “Batista” defeats Asa Fuller 17-0 after 10 minutes.

2:38 Stephen “Pesadelo Triangulo” is now in the white gi on mat 7.

2:38 Luanna Alzuguir is tied 0-0 against Sophie MCDermott.

2:39 Caio Terra defeats Rafael Freitas.

2:40 Luanna Alzuguir defeats Sophie McDermott 2-0.

2:40 Hillary Williams is up on mat 4 in the black gi.

2:41 Katy Weilbacker (Alliance) is now facing Tammy Griego (GB).

2:42 Stephen Hall is down 5-0 against Alexandre Pereira, who’s in the black gi.

2:42 Leo Nogueira escapes a triangle attempt from Nick Kline. The two are still tied 0-0.

2:43 Alexandre Pereira defeats Stephen hall after 4 minutes. I missed the ending.

2:43 On mat 7 we have Abmar Barbosa versus Lucas Leite!!!

2:44 Michelle Nicolini (CheckMat) just missed an armbar against her opponent on mat 3.

2:45 Leo Nogueira ends up defeating Nick Kline 7-0 as time expires.

2:46 2-2 tie between Abmar Barbosa and Lucas Leite on mat 7.

2:47 Joao Assis is now up against Daniel Simmler on mat 1.

2:47 Tammy Griego continues doing well against Katy Weilbacher, winning 7-0.

2:48 WOW!!!! Abmar Barbosa armbars Lucas Leite!

2:49 Barbosa catches Leite at the 4m20s mark.

2:49 Comment From dokomoy: Abmar is on a tear

2:50 Comment From ralph gracie ocie oc: wow that armbar was nice ralph gracie oc

2:51 Tammy Griego defeats Katy Weilbacher 9-2.

2:51 Dan Simmler is tied 2-2 against Joao Assis.

2:52 Michelle Nicolini continues in her battle against Takako Abe.

2:53 Gabi Garcia (Alliance) is up against Emily Wetzel, and is tied. Gabi’s on top in 1/2 guard.

2:53 I missed the submission but Gabi Garcia defeats Emily Wetzel after 1m20s.

2:54 Wow two giants on the mat: Antonio Carlos Peinado versus Gabriel Vella.

2:54 That’s on mat 7.

2:54 Cobrinha is now up on mat 3.

2:55 Michelle Nicolini (CheckMat) won against Takako Abe.

2:55 Joao Assis just about has Dan Simmler’s back. They’re tied 4-4.

2:57 Luciana Dias (Humaita) faces Tammy Griego in a moment.

2:57 Antonio Carlos Peinado and Gabriel Vella are still standing and tied 0-0 after 3m38s.

2:58 Joao Assis defeats Dan Simmler 10-4.

2:58 Comment From J Sho: Great work as always Caleb, well done.

2:58 Thanks J Sho, good to hear from you. It’s late over there!

2:59 Cobrinha is on top in half guard over his opponent on mat 3. Can’t see the score from here.

3:00 Felipe Fogoliin is up 4-0 over his opponent on mat 1.

3:01 Antonio Carlos Peinado and Gabriel Vella are still standing ant tied 0-0 after 7 minutes. Vella just went for a throw but didn’t get it. They both have one penalty and one advantage.

3:02 Felipe Fogolin kneebars his opponent at 1m09s. His opponent is in pain and the medics are called over.

3:02 Comment From Shahabbrinha is up 7-0 Shahab

3:02 I missed the ending for Cobrinha bus I presume he won if that’s true. His match is over.

3:02 Comment From coreykron out for good? corey

3:03 Kron was eliminated by Abmar Barbosa, who is now going to the final against Kayron Gracie.

3:04 Michael Langhi is now on the mat against an unknown opponent.

3:04 Gabriel Vella defeats Antonio Carlos Peinado by referee decision after 10 minutes!

3:04 Comment From Shahabbrinha was up 6-0 then got the submission. Shahab

3:04 Comment From Ross Finlaysonyson: Yes, Cobrinha won Ross Finlayson

3:05 Comment From Josh team is Vella fighting for now? Josh

3:05 Vella is now back to his original team, Ryan Gracie.

3:05 Luciana Dias is now up against Tammy Griego. Their match just began.

3:07 Michael Langhi gets the tap in 2m07s against that unknown opponent. He was up 3-0 at the time.

3:08 Nyjah Easton is now up against Claudia Martinez on mat 4.

3:08 Luka Dias is up by one advantage over Tammy Griego after 3m31s.

3:08 Rafael Lovato Jr. (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) is now up against Leo Nogueira (Alliance) on mat 1.

3:09 Nogueira is working deep half guard on Lovato going into the first minute.

3:09 Tammy Griego now leads Luka Dias 2-0.

3:10 Luiz Teodoro “Big Mac” is up 2-0 and in side mount over his opponent.

3:10 Big Mac wins a little after four minutes.

3:11 Comment From GBMK: Great Job as usual , question from UK iS Otavio Sousa in final? and who against please ?

3:11 I think Otavio is in the final but I am not sure so don’t quote me on that.

3:12 After 3m01s, Lovato Jr. and Nogueira are tied 0-0 across the board.

3:12 Rodrigo Cavaca and his opponent are still tied 0-0 at 2m07s.

3:13 Woops, Cavaca just tapped his opponent at 2m13s.

3:14 Tammy Griego is up 6-0 over Luka Dias going in to the final minute.

3:14 Lovato Jr. (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) is tied 2-2 with Nogueira (Alliance) after 5 minutes.

3:15 Lovato Jr. gets a bunch of points (sorry that was not much detail) and is now up 9-2 over Nogueira.

3:15 Comment From GBMK: Otavio thanks for prompt response will wait till you get any info ..Obrigado

3:16 Andre de Freitas (Gracie Fighter) is in action on mat 3 in the blue gi.

3:16 Comment From dokomoy: Lovato swept, almost immediatly passed into mount.

3:16 Nyjah Easton is still in action against Claudia Martinez.

3:17 Lovato Jr is going for the choke against Nogueira here on mat 1. We are almost 8 minutes in.

3:17 Leo Nogueira escapes Lovato’s clutches and is now in front trying to pass Lovato’s guard.

3:18 Looks like Nyjah Easton (Lloyd Irvin) defeated Claudia Martinez on mat 4.

3:18 de Freitas is still in action on mat 3.

3:19 Comment From J Sho: de freitas is still fighting, he was on the other side of the bracket to otavio so his finals opponent can have been defined yet

3:20 With less than 30 seconds left, Lovato leads Nogueira 9-2.

3:20 Rafael Lovato Jr. (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) defeats Leo Nogueira (Alliance) by a score of 9-2.

3:21 There’s just one match underway right now and that’s de Freitas against his unknown opponent.

3:23 Guybson Sa is now up against Antonio Braga Neto on mat 7.

3:25 Braga Neto defeats Guybson Sa at 1m13s.

3:25 Roberto “Tussa” Alencar just stepped on to mat 6 against an unknown opponent.

3:25 Andre de Freitas just won his match on mat 3.

3:26 Later on we will see Gabrielle Garcia (Alliance) versus Tammy Griego (Gracie Barra).

3:27 So yes, it will be Andre de Freitas against Otavio Sousa if I’m not mistaken.

3:28 Felipe Fogolin now faces Bernardo Faria (Alliance) on mat 1.

3:29 Comment From CpBJJ you catch how Big Mac won? CpBJJ

3:29 I believe Big Mac won by flying triangle.

3:29 Ok just kidding. No, I did not see how he won.

3:29 Comment From CpBJJahah! CpBJJ

3:30 Tussa is now tied 2-2 against his unknown opponent.

3:30 Felipe Fogolin is up 2-0 over Bernardo Faria after a takedown on mat 1.

3:31 Faria and Fogolin are now tied 2-2 and Fogolin has an advantage at the 2m22s mark.

3:31 Faria has now passed and is beating Fogolin 5-2.

3:32 Gracie Barra’s Tussa is beating his unknown opponent on mat 6, 4-2 after 4 minutes.

3:34 After 5m33 seconds, Bernardo Faria catches Felipe Fogolin and gets the tap.

3:38 Comment From rick macVal worthington go yet? rick mac

3:39 Hey Rick I don’t recall seeing her but the women were on the other end of the arena so I could have missed it. Sorry.

3:41 Bernardo Faria and Leo Iturralde were going to fight but it looks like they’ve opted for Faria to advance. They do not fight.

3:41 Comment From J Sho: fought Tussa at a Grapplers Quest once… it didn’t go well for me 😀

3:42 Tussa wins his match.

3:43 Comment From Andy Ruffnerer: Caleb, do you know when the men’s bb finals will start?

3:43 Men’s black belt finals are supposed to start at 5pm, as well as the female brown/black finals.

3:45 Bruno Bastos and Marcel Fortuna are now in action on mat 6. The score is tied.

3:47 Comment From J Shocel Fortuna vs Bruno Bastos on the live stream

3:48 Bastos and Fortuna are still tied 0-0 after 6 minutes. Bastos is up by one advantage.

3:50 Marcel Fortuna is now on top in 1/2 guard and leads 2-0.

3:51 Rafael Lovato Jr. will face Joas Assis here in a moment on mat 1.

3:52 Going into the last minute here, Bastos and Fortuna are really going at it. Bastos is tring to defend his one advantage lead.

3:53 Bastos and Fortuna are now tied as time expires! Fortuna got an advantage! And now the referee raises Fortuna’s hand!

3:54 Bastos is eliminated.

3:54 Joao Assis is now up against Rafael Lovato Jr.. Lovato just earned 2 points for a sweep.

3:57 Assis still is trailing 2-0 against Lovato Jr..

3:59 Lovato Jr. is listening to his coach Saulo Ribeiro who is offering advice from just behind the barrier.

4:00 Assis has gambled on this deep half guard and Lovato Jr. is hoping to capture that far side armbar.

4:02 Joao Assis just scrambled and almost got a takedown as he fought Lovato Jr out of bounds. They’re retying their gis in the center. Assis gets an advantage for the near taekdown but Lovato still leads 2-0 after 7m.

4:02 Antonio Braga Neto now faces Roberto “Tussa” Alencar on mat 6!

4:03 Dustin Ware just beat a guy in what I have to believe is an absolute division.

4:04 Tussa and Braga Neto are still standing after 2 minutes.

4:04 Lovato is sticking tight to Assis in these closing seconds…!

4:05 Rafael Lovato Jr. defeats Joao Assis 2-0.

4:05 Kurt Osiander is up against Paulo Guillobel on mat 8.

4:06 Antonio Braga Neto just choked Tussa!

4:06 The match is definitely over as a woozy Tussa is attended to by medical staff.

4:07 Braga Neto caught Tussa at the 3m07s mark.

4:08 Lovato Jr. must face Bernardo Faria next.

4:10 Marcel Fortuna and Rodrigo Cavaca are now in action on mat 6. The winner of this will face Antonio Braga Neto in the Super Heavy finals.

4:10 Paulo Guillobel defeats Kurt Osiander.

4:10 Cavaca is playing his open guard game against Fortuna.

4:12 Guys just a reminder, shortly I’ll be taking off to go do the commentary for BudoVideos.com/online to cover the finals. So if you have not yet, register there now (it’s free) so you avoid the rush of registrants all trying to sign up at the same time.

4:13 Marcel Fortuna and Rodrigo Cavaca are stopping to retie their belts. It also looks like Cavaca may have been poked in the eye. The medics are taking a quick look.

4:16 Cavaca and Fortuna are back in action and tied 0-0 with one advantage each.

4:18 Fortuna is now up by just one advantage.

4:19 Comment From Dev, have you heard anything about why they were having everyone remove Shoyoroll gis the past couple days? I heard from some buddies – verified by the fact that I didn’t see a single one on the mats Friday – that the lapels were too wide… Dev

4:19 That is news to me. I have seen several shoyoroll patches, for what it’s worth.

4:19 Fortuna and Cavaca are in a dead heat again! Less than 2 minutes left!

4:21 From dokomoy: http://www.budovideos.com/online/forums/showthread.php?32-FINALS-MATCHES list of most finals matches

4:21 Fortuna is up by one advantage in the last 30 seconds over Cavaca!

4:22 Cavaca goes for the kneebar as time runs out!

4:22 But all said and done, Fortuna wins by 2 advantages with a score of 0-0.

4:23 Comment From dokomoy: If you’re watching the stream right now, the guy on top in a black gi is Matt Baker(Jean Jacques Machado)

4:24 Okay family, I am going to head to makeup so I can prepare for the live commentary.

4:24 Comment From dokomoy: Thanks again caleb 🙂

4:25 Just kidding, I just need to get up. I’ve been hunched over this computer since 9am and it’s almost 5pm. My back hurts! It’s so hard sitting in a chair while these guys and girls go after each other on the mats.

4:25 Ok enough kidding , I’m going to go stretch my legs, get some water and prepare. See you on the live stream shortly!

4:25 Thanks for joining the live blog everybody.

4:26 budovideos.com/online

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