2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Coverage Schedule

Alliance BJJ Sergio Moraes
Alliance’s Sergio Moraes: 2008 middleweight champion, 2009 co-champion with Marcelo Garcia. Many pick him to win his division this weekend at the 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship.

So I arrived in Irvine a few hours ago after a caffeine-fueled but uneventful ride up from San Diego. I checked in to the lobby at the Marriott where the IBJJF set up discounted rates for those attending and immediately saw a few friends, which is always a nice way to arrive anywhere. The lobby held what I presume is an unusually high number of very athletic males between 20 and 35 wearing sweatpants and flip flops. They take turns sizing each other up when guys they don’t know are not looking, trying to ascertain the weight, affiliation, and overall toughness of those who they may face on the mats tomorrow.

For my part I headed up stairs, dropped off my stuff, tweeted, and headed right back down to the lounge for a refreshment. I caught up with Tony the Announcer, who reported that the blues and white belts who competed these past two days looked very tough. I finished my drink and now find myself here reading over some notes I have made on the competitors. In between hearing the voices of guys in nearby rooms goofing around (the Marriott front desk told me they’ve got jiu-jitsu people in more than 90 rooms), I realize it’s about time I put in writing what you can expect from us at the 2010 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship this weekend.


Time What I do What you do
8 to 9 AM Drink coffee in the Starbucks downstairs If you are local, join me for coffee. Details here.
9 AM to 2 PM Tweet intermittently. Save energy for later. Relax.
2 PM to 6 PM (?) Live blogging begins, focusing on brown and black belt adults Read the live blog here at thefightworkspodcast.com
After dinner Put together Sunday’s show Whatever you normally do on Saturday evenings


Time What I do What you do
Noon till maybe 4pm or so Live blogging brown & black belt action! Read the live blog here at thefightworkspodcast.com
4:30 PM or so onward Commentate on the live, free broadcast of the finals! Watch the broadcast at budovideos.com/online!

Note that the above is all a best guess, and tournaments don’t always stick precisely to schedule, so don’t hold me to those exact times. All times are refer to the Pacific time zone, of course.

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