BJJ Poll: How Often Do You Wash Your BJJ Belt?

This week’s BJJ Poll comes to us from Ross in Northern California! This is an interesting one. We all know we are supposed to wash our gi after every time we use it to help prevent the spread of really nasty stuff like MRSA among our training partners. But what about the belt? Thanks for the question Ross!

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9 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Often Do You Wash Your BJJ Belt?”

  1. According to old Japanese martial arts
    traditions you never wash a belt though it
    would wash your skills away.

  2. Anders is right! You’re not supposed to wash your belt. The salt from your sweat, dirt, etc. is supposed to represent your lifetime effort. White for new, as it gets older and dirtier, it becomes brown and then black. Red later in the career representing blood.

  3. i could care less about a supposed TMA tradition. i wash my belt and if you don’t you’re just gross.

    it is purple in color from the dye when it was made and nothing else. my skill level is what makes it fit.

    wash your belt or have fun getting an infection.

  4. For anyone who trains BJJ.. proper hygiene means, cleaning of the belt is as important as the cleaning of the gi!!

    This saying of ” washing the belt, will wash away what you have learned…etc ” is totally BS… seriously!!

    Every time I wash my gi.. my belt is being washed too… the belt is part of your gi.. part of your training gear.. I makes no point to wash and keep your gi clean and train with a dirty funky bacteria infected belt. No point what so ever!

    Hopefully in this weeks up coming podcast Caleb & Dan can shed light on this issue.. and help educated the BJJ community on the importance of maintaining clean training gear.. which includes your belt.

  5. Ok belt you wash your flip flops and do you clean that mouth guard after picking at it all the time..just asking.

  6. If Mitsuyo Maeda himself along with the 1st generation Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family traditionally speaking would train and not clean their belts, when cleaning their gis..that does not make any logical sense to me.. anything I actively train in, I always wash/dry. Proper hygiene will protect me, my fellow training partners and my academy.. My belt is a part of my school supplies..a part of my uniform.. it represents my skill level.. my rank.. it’s not my Jiu-Jitsu.. my Jiu-Jitsu is in me, not on me.. I agree with in the perception that your belt only covers roughly 2 inches of your ass.. you have to cover the rest.

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