BJJ Poll: How Clean is Your Academy?

The FightWorks Podcast has long been a proponent for keeping ourselves and our jiu-jitsu academies clean. One of our very first episodes was an interview with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, where we learned more about MRSA. So this week we received the following voicemail on our toll free number 877-247-4662 from New York and agreed that this would make a terrific poll:

What’s up Caleb and Dan? It’s Phil from Marcelo Garcia New York. Thank you for being the number one source of BJJ radio on the internet. I’m calling to suggest a poll for the BJJ community and listeners to vote on: how clean is the school you train at? For the Marcelo Garcia New York Jiu-Jitsu Academy, if it’s not one of the cleanest, it’s the cleanest BJJ academy in NYC. The more we train and learn jiu-jitsu the more we realize how important a clean environment is for us to be in. A clean environment, a healthy environment, a positive environment. It’ll be interesting to hear what the people have to say. Take care. Peace.

So let us know what you think in the poll and in the comments! Is your school clean? Could it use some improvement?

2 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Clean is Your Academy?”

  1. As someone who had a MRSA infection, I would love to train someplace absolutely spotless every time and with people whose personal hygiene is impeccable. But that doesn’t seem to happen…

  2. Rowdy – that’s a tough deal, as we go through positive and negative lessons of life on the mat. I found it to be extremely powerful to be the “change” that would better me.. it’s proven ” what is good for you, will be good me. ” From the head instructor, black belts through white belts should all be well informed on the importance of proper hygiene on, and off the mat. Collectively with every link on the chain being strong, and as one academy/team going in the right direction with our day to day actions will benefit everyone. More awareness, more education, a more clean academy, more good it will be for us all. So good things can happen.

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