#196 Braulio Estima, Shawn Williams

ADCC jiu jitsu Champion Braulio Estima
Braulio Estima’s hand is raised once again, this time at the 2008 BJJ World Championships.

2009 was Braulio Estima‘s year. Not only did the Gracie Barra competitor win the heavyweight division of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s World Championship, but he won both his weight class and the absolute division of the biannual ADCC submission grappling competition and the IBJJF European Championship. Today on the FightWorks Podcast, Cohost Dan sits down with “Carcara” and learn about how things have changed for him since his recent accomplishments. We will also get a very inspiring perspective on his jiu-jitsu origins. (Did you know that Braulio Estima lost his first match in the first five jiu-jitsu tournaments he competed in?)

We also hear from Shawn Williams, another Gracie Barra black belt. Williams received jiu-jitsu education from Renzo Gracie himself at Renzo’s Manhattan academy. Now Williams runs Hollywood BJJ, in an attempt to recreate the vibe of Renzo’s New York school. Williams is the originator of the aptly named “Shawn Williams Guard” and also is half of the commentating crew of the annual BJJ World Championship DVDs produced by Budo Videos. FightWorks Podcast contributor Christian Simamora brings us this interview.

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4 Replies to “#196 Braulio Estima, Shawn Williams”

  1. Great episode.
    Braulio is very enlightening when it comes to motivation and inspiration to his
    students and to people like me who meet him only occasionally.
    Shawn Williams is a great communicator, I would love to visit his academy one day.

  2. I really enjoyed your interview with Shawn Williams. I was lucky enough to have studied with Shawn during his time in New York, and I can tell you that he was a big reason why some referred to the academy as “the lab.” Shawn is far too modest to say so, but he was a terrific innovator in areas large and small. But it was in teaching that he really excelled. He’s technical, articulate and as nice a guy as you will ever meet. Great to hear he’s doing so well in L.A. Can’t wait for the William’s Guard dvds!

  3. Hey Meerkatsu

    i train at Hollywood BJJ. i dont know where you are located but you and anyone else are always welcome to come train here anytime.

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