The 2009 Tournament Review Tuesday Contest Winner Is…

Jason Trott, who wrote about the Ohio Grappling Challenge in November!

Our 2009 contest was a lot of fun and I am really excited about how many TRT pieces we received last year. I’ve said it before: contest or no contest, Tournament Review Tuesday postings help share the normal guy or girl’s experience in BJJ competition from all parts. It’s important to share and document that sort of thing.

For those curious about how the winner is determined: I perform the equivalent of drawing someone’s name from a hat. I keep a spreadsheet in Google Docs that contains every Tournament Review Tuesday posting that we publish. This morning I headed over to and had it randomly generate a number that would correspond to an entry in the spreadsheet. And it picked Jason’s!

Congratulations Jason! We will be in touch and will pass along your details to the gang at, who donated the gi for this contest. If anyone out there runs a business that may be able to offer a prize to donate to an upcoming contest, please get in touch with me.

3 Replies to “The 2009 Tournament Review Tuesday Contest Winner Is…”

  1. ttt for him…since he cover the ever growing Ohio Grappling Challenge. Our most recent event (yesterday) was our largest ever…over 600 fans & competitors!!!

    TTT for my old friend Cleb & Fight Works

    Congrats to Jason for winning the Gi!

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