Rolles Gracie This Coming Sunday

The audio home of Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the internet, the FightWorks Podcast returns this coming Sunday with an interview with Rolles Gracie. Rolles is not only the son of jiu-jitsu legend Rolls Gracie, but will be making his debut in the UFC on February 2nd against Mustapha Al-Turk.

Recently there was a bit of controversy in the online BJJ community after it became known that Rolles Gracie awarded UFC fighter Rashad Evans his black belt in BJJ. Some feel that while Evans is indeed a gifted combat athlete, he does not deserve such a coveted title because he does not come from a Brazilian jiu-jitsu background.

On this coming Sunday’s episode of our humble BJJ internet radio show, Rolles will defend his decision to give Evans a black belt. Of course, there will be much more in the show, so make sure you stop by our site to download it or subscribe to the show in iTunes so it will be downloaded automatically to your computer!

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  1. Did Rashad get his belt out of the blue ? 😉 or has he been practicing bjj for a while…
    it is good to have the Gracies back in the UFC.
    Happy new Year Caleb !!!! Hope you will be back training soon.

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