The FightWorks Podcast Headquarters Looks Back at 2009

The year is over. 2009 was a busy, busy year at The FightWorks Podcast. From live blogging the 2009 Mundials and the 2009 ADCC, to severing my ACL and LCL, and recovering from it, things have been non-stop for us. In between all the craziness we put an internet radio show just about every week. Two sister sites to The FightWorks Podcast were born this year and are doing very well.

  • lists upcoming jiu-jitsu tournaments and seminars and has posted over 470 events in 2009 for our community.
  • The jiu-jitsu school directory added more than 550 places to train BJJ in 2009.

We have always been fortunate in terms of the support we receive from the jiu-jitsu family out there and 2009 was no exception. Among them are a few who stand out that I have to thank personally.

Alicia Anthony is an unspoken hero of our site and I don’t thank her nearly enough. I’d have to say ninety percent of the images you see on our website are the result of a camera that Alicia pointed at someone. Her works adds a critical visual component to our coverage of the beautiful art of jiu-jitsu and its athletes. You must check out her work at If there is a better visual record of Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition out there, I am not aware of it. Please support her.

Bruce Hoyer for contributing countless interviews and videos to our show. There are multiple weeks where because of my day job I didn’t have time to get content put together but Bruce was able to deliver great content and save the day. Despite snoring when we share a room at the Mundials, I consider him a huge asset and am very grateful for his help (hey I snore too, so I shouldn’t throw stones!). Bruce runs Next Edge Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota so be sure to stop by if you are in town.

Cohost Dan. Dan runs the original FightWorks academy in Northern Virginia where we both started training in 2000 or so. In addition being an awesome cohost who makes himself available despite the short notice I give him every week, he was a best man in my wedding in August. Our relationship is a perfect example of the many gifts of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Of course, I want to warmly thank all the BJJ competitors out there who contributed to our Tournament Review Tuesday column. Those pieces help shed light into the majority of the competition scene out there that we frankly don’t have access to. Those experiences represent the bread and butter everyman’s experience of jiu-jitsu competition and are really important to document. So thank you to the BJJ competitors that have contributed the almost 30 reviews in 2009 for the rest of us to enjoy.

In closing, it’s been an awesome year! THANK YOU, Mighty 600,000 for your support. Here’s to another great year in 2010!

2 Replies to “The FightWorks Podcast Headquarters Looks Back at 2009”

  1. Thanks for providing an awesome radio show this year.

    On a personal note, thanks for all your help with my enquiries and giving me the chance to publish my articles.

    All the best for 2010!!!

  2. Here’s to an amazing 2009! Endless thanks to Caleb, Dan, Bruce, Alicia, the incredible guests who appeared on the Fightworks Podcasts, and all the contributors to the Tournament Reviews.

    Looking forward to training hard, avoiding injuries and re-injuries, AND – of course – the upcoming podcasts in 2010!

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