Dan's Version of the Relson Shake

dan shake

By Cohost Dan

Okay guys and gals here is the recipe for my version of the Relson banana shake. As mentioned previously, Relson Gracie, who has been eating this for decades, uses about 6 bananas, cream cheese, and less protein powder. Many people have come up to me randomly and asked “cheese?”. The answer is YES! put in the cottage or cream cheese. The cheese is what makes the shake especially good. I personally prefer cottage cheese instead of cream cheese as it is almost pure protein and has little fat. So here goes:

Put in a blender:
1) Two large bananas
2) Two heaping tablespoons lowfat cottage cheese
3) One scoop Vanilla protein powder (Syntha-6 is my favorite)
4) One cup cloudy (non filtered) pure apple juice.

Blend until smooth and enjoy! Sometimes I have the shake for breakfast after a hard night of training. Other times I down one prior to training for some good fuel. Either way it tastes great and has some super nutritional content.

Give it a try and let us know if you like it!

dan shake

dan shake

8 Replies to “Dan's Version of the Relson Shake”

  1. I use Dan’s recipe. I also modified it slightly by freezing my bananas (broked up in blender), which I think makes it a lot better because it’s served colder and more like a smoothie. MmmmMm

  2. The sugar in the fake apple juice defeats any purpose of that shake. The nutritional value would shoot through the roof by just using real apple juice from a juicer.

    4) One cup cloudy (non filtered) pure apple juice. “MOTT Apple juice isn’t pure and certainly not fresh.”

  3. I’ve been using Dan’s shake for a month now and it works. I’ve lost a lot of weight as it has helped control my appetite. I use apple cider instead of apple juice. That’s better for you.

    Thanks Dan for providing the recipe!

  4. mine is not as healthy i guess, but i still like it.

    -1 banana sliced
    -1/2 cup granola
    -1/2 cup berries (any kind in season)
    -1 cup orange jiuce
    -1/2 cup fat free milk
    -few drops vanilla extract
    -protein powder if i have it…

  5. I tried it out used simply apple and enjoyed it. Loved the cottage cheese, blueberries added kinda break up the consistency if you like that. Thanks guys.

  6. How prevalent does the cottage cheese end up being?
    I can’t eat it normally without dry heaving despite many attempts.

    My personal smoothie:

    3/4 cup oats
    1 scoop whey (ON vanilla)
    1 cup soy milk
    3 frozen strawberries or 20~ frozen blueberries
    Optional “knife” of peanut butter. Not recommended with blueberries but definitely strawberries.

    And lol @ “The sugar in the fake apple juice defeats any purpose of that shake.”
    Monosaccharides: voiding amino acids since 2009!

  7. I’ve also tried it with cider before and like that a little better. If I can’t get that I will usually try to juice my own apples for the smoothie.

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