BJJ Poll: Does Your BJJ School Charge a Fee for Visitors Who Want to Train?

We know that 72% of folks bring their gis so they can train Brazilian jiu-jitsu when they travel. I know I always try to hit a new school when I am on the road. Sometimes when you arrive at a new school to train, you’re asked to pay a mat fee to participate.

What does your BJJ academy do when someone from out of town stops in and would like to train? Do they have to pay? If they do, let us know how much your school charges in the comments below!

Thanks to @Diffs13 for the poll idea!

11 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Does Your BJJ School Charge a Fee for Visitors Who Want to Train?”

  1. We charge for cold callers, but run specials for a Free Week (2 Classes). If someone is a referral from a current student, we don’t charge them. It’s a courtesy to our students, some need training partners to keep them motivated, so letting a friend try us out for a week without charge is important!

  2. i think that schools should not charge a fee for visitors becouse that is one of the best ways to improve your BJJ game. i love it when i meet people from other schools, then i get a chance to learn something new or maybe a different way to do a move. But the big reason is that i can try a my jiu-jitsu on someone that is outside my training commuity. by the way love the show.

    Joe Bunting
    purple belt

  3. I actually don’t know if our school charges drop-in visitors – but I do know I have myself visited half a dozen different academies this year as part of my travels and I have only gotten charged the once. I think this is because I always give advance notice and they know I will write about them in my blog, so I guess they think it is good publicity. However it could just be because they don’t charge anyway.

  4. I think it’s great that schools don’t charge visitors, like the free first class policy! Gives jiu-jitsu that warm welcome family feel, yeah?

  5. I was out of town and the only school close by was run by a purple belt. They didn’t even allow walk-ins. It seemed very strange to me. I love getting to train with new people.

  6. I see your point as from a students perspective but as owner of a school you have to be careful who you let in to your dojo and after all teaching is business you don’t go to restaurant’s and try it out for free just because your visiting

  7. @Frank
    No walk-ins? I smell something McFishy… Well, it’s their lost you couldn’t train with them.

    Where I train at, my sensei not only let 5 out-of-towners train in his school, but even let them sell their t-shirts there! It was great to roll with them as one of ’em was a professional shooto fighter.

  8. I dropped by two jiu jitsu academies when I was visiting L.A. last week. At the Rickson Gracie academy there were purple and brown belts teaching because Kron was out of town. The drop-in fee was $35. I then went to the Gracie academy in Torrance, where one of Rorion’s sons was teaching and the drop-in fee was $25. I would pay the $25 for a good blackbelt like at the Gracie academy. But $35 for a group class taught by someone below the blackbelt level seems pretty unreasonable to me.

  9. I dropped by alliance nyc for three days and it was a 40 bucks american per day drop in fee. I would have paid 100 if they asked. lucas lepris is a god on the mats!

  10. Pay drop in and give a tip to the instructor/teacher.
    With money a lot of times they buy dinner me lunch with it.
    Always pay drop in and also clean the mats in the end!
    You will be showing respect and support that academy to be open !
    It’s a way to support the dojo and make sure it stays open for longer time.
    You don’t take pictures with your phone in the museum,right?

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