BJJ Poll: Are You Satisfied with the Progress You Have Made in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2009?

Hey it’s nearing the end of the year and it’s time to take stock of how far we’ve come. Most people train 3 times per week, which is a lot of time to invest in anything! (I do not know how many times per week religious people go to church on average, but I am guessing it’s less than 3 times!)

So what do you think? As this year draws to a close, how do you feel about the time you’ve put in? Are you better than when you started? Did you meet your training goals?

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10 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Are You Satisfied with the Progress You Have Made in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2009?”

  1. My instructor uses a stripe system along with belts. I acheived my 4th stripe on my blue belt late this year, which puts somewhere around a year or two away from purple belt. I’m one of those who likes the progress marks of belt stripes, so I felt like I acheived something this year. I also started to put in a little bit of cardio training outside of BJJ and it his helped my rolling tremendously. Suddenly I am able to get my body to commit to moves that previously I could only see myself doing in my mind’s eye (due to gassing). I still have a LONG way to go but a little bit of cardio has gone a long way for me.

  2. Yes this year was a good one , I got my blue belt this past summer , did my first tournament at the south bay , this year I mainly focused on thing that i am not good at ,instead of going out there try to submit this or that guy , I get taped out more often for sure , but at the same time i filling up holes in my game , I emphasized the fluidity in my jiujitsu which allow me roll on longer period of time . But interesting enough working on my weaknesses made me more humble and secure , and also i don’t shy away from working with tougher guys it made me also more resilient.I really feel that I touched something this year. I use to be a black belt in judo and I have to admit that the first two years in jiujitsu I was showing off , but then I really “emptied my glass “and really work on my jiujitsu .
    good thank giving to all of you , and wishing you guys the best for 2010

  3. As I reflect on the year, I can see a tremendous amount of growth in a variety of areas. These range from my skill level in rolling, to better muscle memory, to having better control of nerves in a competition setting. However, at the beginning of the year I set goals for myself where I wanted to be at come the end of the year. As it stands now, I do not feel I met those goals fully. Therefore, even though I have seen a great deal of improvement, I had to vote ‘no’, that I am not satisfied with my improvement for 2009. I hope to better achieve the goals that I set for 2010.

  4. This was the toughest poll so far. I was back and forth on this one. This year I tore up my shoulder and required surgery and haven’t been able to train for almost this whole year. I did change gyms though and believe I have grown a lot and am training at a gym that is way more technical. I think despite the injury that I have learned more this year than probably the last two, but I ultimately answered no because I haven’t been able to train much. Look out 2010 though!

  5. I am partially satisfied yet would like to improve in 2010. This year I turned 16 and decided to enter the nogi PanAms in the Bluebelt Juvenile division and won my only match earning first place. Shrtly after, I recieved my blue belt after 10 years of training (since i was 6 yrs old) and after i went through all the kids belts. I also won my first tournament in the adult bluebelt division. I am happy with this but would like to improve my gi game and compete at a higher level in the adult division in 2010. Good luck to everyone on improving their game and meeting their goals in this upcoming year!

  6. I received my brown belt a couple of weeks ago.

    It has been humbling, mostly because while I feel that I have learned a lot, I am still adjusting and modifying some of the most basic moves. And this process seems to be endless.

    So yes, I’m satisfied with my progress in 2009, but I feel like I still have so much to do.

    An interesting thing that I’ve noticed lately is that Time seems to slow down the more you train. This speeding up of the predictions of and reactions to what people are going to do enable you to economize and adjust rather than resist and react.

  7. I had injuries and surgery this year so I answered no.

    Before I got injured in January of this year, I was happy and eager to see where I was going skillwise. Somehow I knew that if kept my progress up I would have seen great gains at the effort I was putting in to my training.

    With injury after injury, on the same body part no less, my jiu-jitsu journey this year has been completely frustrating and humbling at the same time. I haven’t given up on training though, but no promises on ruling the mats for 2010. Tearing it up once in a while? Definitely yes. 😉

  8. I haven’t progressed like I’d like to due to age (old man) and chronic injury. I’m trying to make a few changes that will let me make 2010 a good year. After that who knows. I’ll most likely get my brown in 2010 so that will be an awesome crossroad. I don’t foresee getting the Black but that’s cool. My advice to you young guys….train smarter, not necessarily harder. Don’t let your ego get in the way. And work those basics endlessly, they’ll save your ass every time.

  9. 2009 has been my most frustrating year since I began training a little over four years ago.

    On the one hand, since earning my purple belt in December 08, I’ve increased my average training frequency (now averaging closer to 4x/week). On the other hand, I’ve had a terrible year in competition, going 0-9, with half of my losses by submission.

    To say that I’m hoping 2010 is better is an understatement.

  10. This year I received my brown belt. I had a purple for over three years and finally achieved my brown. When achieving rank in jiu jitsu, one has to think about all the hard work that goes into receiving the belt.

    I also opened my own school in my area. This is something I wanted to do since I got my blue. I am a teacher by trade, therefore, teaching is very natural to me.

    In terns of competition, I went 4-3 as a purple, placing 2nd in three separate tournaments. Three out of the four tournaments I competed in, I had to compete up one, maybe two weight classes due to lack of purple belt competitors. I weight 170 lbs. and in one tournament I went against a guy 220.

    All things considered, it was a great year!!! I look to compete a lot this summer and I want my school to grow. I have only been open for two months and I have 10 students.

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