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Megaton Dias Cobrinha Alliance
Oh the predicaments we find ourselves in! “Megaton” Dias versus Cobrinha (top) at the 2009 BJJ Mundials.

Isn’t life crazy? Just recently an article was borrowed from our site by The article was a Tournament Review Tuesday piece written by Seymour of the UK BJJ blog Meerkatsu. I don’t mind that used the piece, but when they did they removed the part that gave Seymour credit for writing it. The full story on that was written up today and can be found here.

So what got me to sit down and open with that story? Just today I came back from doing a little cardio at the gym (knee’s still not cleared to train BJJ again until March) and on my phone I get an email notifying me of a comment left on one of the pieces published here on, which was simply a link that said:

It appears that the content in our piece originated on a site called the Global Training Report. The irony!

The idea that this was a possibility was not new. A comment posted on that same piece back in June of this year suggested that that was the case. But as I wrote in a subsequent comment, the list of BJJ vocabulary made its way to me on a piece of paper handed to me by way of one of my instructors. It was simply two columns of words – one column of Portuguese and another in English – and looked as if it had been written on a typewriter. My response to that commenter was, “The first place I found the list was on a piece of paper at my instructor’s jiu-jitsu academy. If it does indeed come from somewhere else, please send me a link and I’ll be happy to provide attribution.” That was in June.

So like I said, today there’s a comment on the article from someone named John and the only thing in the comment is a link where The FightWorks Podcast appears as a Rouge Site (sic). So I began writing a response to the email address associated with the comment but then I figured I might as well write about it here too. Why not? Nothing to hide here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters.

So John: please let me know what you’d like me to do. I did not know that the content came from your site. I am happy to provide a link to your original report, or even take down the page completely. Whatever you would like. In any case I apologize for the misunderstanding. All the best,
– Caleb

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  1. Yeah, I’ve had the same thing happen to me, with my BJJ glossary, as I mention here.

    I normally just send a polite email and hope they do the right thing, which seems to be the main course of action open to bloggers. Well, unless you have a lawyer at your disposal, but then we aren’t so litigious here in the UK! ;p

  2. Hi Caleb

    I am sorry, I created heaps of confusion.

    I posted the link from work and I was in a hurry so I didn’t write up any explanation, I apologize.

    I have no connection with Global Training Report rather than being a reader. That site is very well known in BJJ circles (it has great content BTW) and someone had also posted the same info about the glossary a few comments above me as you said so I just posted the link to let you guys know that you still are on the rogue list of the site. My motivation was that you may be able to contact the owner of GTR and be able to resolve the situation.

    I’ve been a long time reader of your site too and I certainly know very well that your content is all original and great, that’s why I thought you may want to know you are appearing on that list.

    I now see I should have included some explanation with the link, sorry.

    GTR is a great site too, and I think the owner is very protective of the content because he has been ripped off by various websites during the years as he says in the rogue page.

    As the Fightworks Podcast is the least rogue site I know, I meant it as an alert and a notification on something you may want to know.

    Sorry again for the confusion and all the best!

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for responding with those details. That’s helpful.

    Fortunately when I emailed you yesterday I also cc’d an email address I found on Global Training Report (I won’t print it here to minimize the amount of spam it will receive), so hopefully the owner of GTR will see that soon and respond. So far I haven’t heard back.

  4. Copyright in the World of Online BJJ Content? hahaha

    I have had the dubious privilege of having a website with the photos of two (2) Sheikhs steal my content or liberate it, or at the very least, fail to attribute my Portuguese-English Dictionary. I’ve asked a few times to give me a link back, and they haven’t, so I sent them a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice. Still no response. Dude, you have 2 f$%^ing Sheikhs on your website! Pay someone to make a new list!

    Oh, aside from the Emirates One, I found my content on a bunch of other sites, but most people put up a link if you ask them, or if you join their crappy little forum and post a link to your own content. What do people think the little c with the circle means on you page?

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